How to Use BiddingForGood to Manage Your Donors


When it comes to fundraising, bidding for can help. Its auctions are managed by Panorama by Frontstream. As a registered charity, you can use the auction platform to manage your fundraiser. If you're thinking of setting up your own website, check out these tips for starting an online charity auction. And don't forget to check out the FAQs, too! Here's a look at how you can find the right software to manage your donors.


The cost of bidding for good is $1,595 per year, or about 7% of the value of donations made to your cause. For this price, you get unlimited email support and phone support. In addition, you can download the free auction manager basic, which gives you all of the tools of the Pro version, but does not allow cash donations. Bidding for good is a nonprofit eCommerce company that focuses on helping organizations and individuals raise money through charitable auctions and other events.

BiddingForGood is an auction platform designed for nonprofits and schools. It is part of the Panorama all-in-one fundraising platform, which enables you to host live auctions, online ticketing, and event administration. If you're hosting a charity auction for the first time, this platform can help. Moreover, you'll be able to manage the event in one place with the tools provided by BiddingForGood.


If you're running a nonprofit organization, you probably wonder what you can get out of a software like BiddingForGood. The website's mission is to make charitable auctions more accessible to the general public. To that end, it connects consumers with thousands of nonprofit auctions. These nonprofit auctions are increasingly moving online, with the help of technology, to attract more bidders and raise more money. By extending their auctions to the general public, BiddingForGood extends the reach of these fundraisers to a larger audience. They provide a new and valuable avenue for fundraising groups to reach new donors and broaden their base.

BiddingForGood is an online charity auction platform that was previously known as cMarket. Its user interface is easier to navigate than eBay, and it lets you save listings for later use. Its auctions feature custom filters and donation requests, and it supports logos for nonprofits and sponsors. BiddingForGood also offers sponsorship options for the entire event. This functionality enables nonprofits to sell entire event sponsorships for their fundraising events.

Live auctions are not the only use for BiddingForGood. It's an ideal solution for organizations looking to engage a wider audience. It can sometimes be confusing for attendees and staff at a live auction. If a guest doesn't like the experience, he or she may not attend your event in the future. Using BiddingForGood's online ticketing system helps you organize a smooth live auction. Ticketing is automated, and participants are automatically registered, ensuring that every aspect of the event runs smoothly.

Donor management software

Donor Management Software is available in many forms, and BiddingforGood is just one example. Donor management software is a type of SaaS application that lets nonprofit organizations manage their donors. It provides advanced data analysis and reporting, detailed contact information, unlimited database management, and full donor profiles. In addition, this type of software should allow multiple users to easily view, edit, and share data. It should also be compatible with your organization's existing software and hardware.

Donor management software can be difficult to implement, but Biddingforgood's cloud-based system is easy to use and empowers your team to get the most from the tool. It focuses on enhanced donor loyalty and is easy to use. The software is designed to make fundraising more efficient and effective, with an intuitive interface. It also helps you keep track of grants and events. This tool also includes unlimited technical support.

Donors can be organized into contact profiles, including giving history, communication history, and tax receipts. There are also customizable contact profiles for recurring donations, and you can even manage in-kind donations. Donors can also be segmented according to interests and philanthropic preferences. Contact records provide detailed insights about contacts, and a powerful donor dashboard lets you see the health of your organization and how it's doing.

Donors can access the software from anywhere and bid on any item. BiddingForGood has an online community of 1.7 million philanthropic shoppers. You can sell tickets and promote events, and integrate mobile bidding into your event. You can also accept various payment methods, but e-wallets are not supported. BiddingForGood supports several payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, and a variety of other methods. It also offers customized reports, account managers, and a community that supports your cause.

Donors can also use ClickBid to help raise funds. It offers mobile bidding, so donors can bid anywhere with cell reception. A basic annual license costs $795 and allows you to use the software for up to four events per year. AccelEvents is another bidding software that offers an intuitive interface. Its mobile bidding software is described as a "home run" by users. BiddingForGood has a number of packages to choose from.

BiddingForGood was acquired by FrontStream Holdings, LLC, which has over 200 employees. It was founded in 2003 and previously operated as cMarket. As of September 2018, the company had 210 employees. Using BiddingForGood is a great way to organize your events and raise funds. With these tools, you can host online and offline auctions and manage your donors. The BiddingForGood software integrates seamlessly with many other fundraising software, and the integration of your events can be seamless.