How To Take Great Pictures For Your eBay Listings


More people are searching and purchasing items on eBay as it is more convenient and also prices are lower. While shopping offline, the buyer can inspect and touch the product to find out the quality of the material which is being used. However when the buyer is shopping online, in addition to the product specification, the photos provided are the only source of information and the buyer has to decide whether he or she will purchase the product based on this information. So it is important the online seller includes high quality photos with his listing and some tips on how to take great pictures for your eBay listings are provided. 

If you have a good wholesale product that you are looking to sell on eBay, taking the right photos is extremely important

One of most important requirement for taking a good quality photo is that it should have proper lighting. Sunlight is an inexpensive and quality source of illumination, so it is highly recommended that the photos are taken in sunlight, especially around mid-day. The flash should be switched off to the extent possible as the color of the items being photographed may change. In case sunlight is not available, one or more lamps can be used to illuminate the item being photographed. It is also recommended that the seller uses a plain background while taking photos, so that the buyer is not distracted by the other items in the image.

If the photographer does not have a steady hand, he or she should get a tripod for placing the camera and taking photos. This is required for photos of smaller items and when a detailed close up is required. It is advisable to photograph the item being sold from all angles, to capture all the details of the product. A medium resolution photograph is recommended so that the details of the item are clearly visible, and the image will load quickly on the listing page. High resolution photos are larger in size and take more time to load, so the visitor to the web page may get tired of waiting and leave the page.

The item being photographed should fill the frame for a clear image. For some items like earrings, it is important to show how big the item is by photographing it with a coin or commonly available item to show scale as many online buyers find that the item they ordered is smaller or larger than what they expected. The image should use the real colors of the item being sold , filters should not be used. Some buyers are interested in purchasing items of a specific color only and may leave negative feedback if the image was misleading. While selling clothing, a mannequin should be used while taking the photos, as it shows the clothes will fit.

If collectibles, second hand items are being sold, it is recommended that the seller should clean the items properly before taking a photo to increase the possibility of a sale. Items which are stored for a longer period of time should also be cleaned before photographing them. Seller should avoid using props while photographing as they distract and cause confusion. He should also learn to edit the photos taken by cropping the images using the free software supplied with camera, available with most computer or professional software depending on his budget to improve the photos Online buyers are looking for accurate information about the items which are listed for sale and the photos are an important part of the information provided.

Some camera models available are:

Sony DSCW800
Kodak PIXPRO Friendly zoom FZ43