How To Sell Your Boutique At A Profit


Have you thought of selling your boutique?

We all reach a point when we consider selling our businesses. Sometimes, we want to sell our businesses because we have simply become exasperated with the daily work. There are many mundane tasks that every business owner dreams of never having to do again.

Other times, when we want to move on to other projects, or we are ready to retire, we will consider selling our businesses.

Below are some tips that you can use to sell your boutique.

1. Have your accountant prepare a comprehensive business report for your boutique. The report should include your boutique's financial records. 

2. Write a detailed business plan that lists the challenges and benefits that are involved in running your boutique. In the plan, include ideas on how the buyer of your business can increase your boutique's sales. 

3. You want to hire an appraiser who can evaluate and recommend a sales price for your boutique.

4. You can let your current customers know that you are looking to sell your boutique. You can even offer a finders fee to anyone who introduces you to a buyer for your business. 

5. You can hire a business broker. A business broker can rapidly find a prospective buyer by tapping into her contact list. 

Here is a short list of some business brokers:

Sun Belt Brokers

Biz Buy Sell

Transworld Business Advisors

NYABB is an organization that represents business brokers in New York.
New York Business Brokers Association

IBBA is an organization that represents business brokers who are located throughout the world.
International Business Brokers Association