How to Succeed With B-Stock Solutions


B-Stock Solutions is a leading network of B2B liquidation marketplaces. This summer, Lily Ma joins the Engineering team. She is a student studying Artificial Intelligence at Carnegie Mellon University. Ma will be working on our technology team to create better experiences for sellers. She hopes to become the head of Engineering for B-Stock. In addition to helping companies find the best solutions, Lily will also be looking for ways to improve the user experience.

Selling on B-Stock

Sell your overstock items through B-Stock solutions. This company deals with overstock items and customer returns from major retailers. Its online marketplace attracts buyers from more than 130 countries to bid on inventory. B-Stock then sells the inventory to the highest bidder. B-Stock has a high recovery rate, enables brand and channel control, and reduces cycle time. If you're looking to sell your overstock items, you need to know how to use B-Stock solutions to maximize your sales and profits.

Companies who want to implement sustainability initiatives should consider B-Stock. The marketplace helps companies repurpose merchandise and eliminates the need to burn or dispose of products. During peak holiday shopping season, shipping costs are high and many companies have excess holiday goods. By using B-Stock solutions, they can liquidate their overstock items for 30% more than they would have received through traditional methods. Companies can sell unused inventory through a secure secondary market.

Howard Dawson founded B-Stock Solutions in 2008 after six years at eBay. In his last role as General Manager of eBays enterprise B2B business, he helped enterprise customers liquidate nearly $1 billion of excess inventory. He also created dozens of private marketplaces for customers, working with hundreds of companies selling on eBays B2B Reseller Marketplace. He is an accomplished speaker on liquidation and resale strategies.

Selling on B-Stock is a fast and easy way to sell your overstock. With a minimum of $5 to $8,00 original MSRP, you can sell your overstock quickly and easily. You can sell all types of goods, from clothing and electronics to household items and office supplies. B-Stock has liquidation solutions for large businesses and small businesses. To sell your overstock on B-Stock, you need to register as a seller.

Business financing options

A personal funding advisor will work with you to identify your business' specific needs. B-Stock owns certain trademarks and service marks. However, it does not grant licenses under these intellectual property rights. The personal funding advisor will help you determine the best business financing options for your business. The personal funding advisor will also help you find the right loan product for your business. This article covers the basic steps of business financing.

A small business owner needs to determine how long the financing will be needed before selecting a lender. Short-term loans are generally higher-interest, while long-term loans have lower-interest rates. Business financing options are vast, but you should be sure to identify what you need before applying. Here are some examples of popular types of business financing. The chart below outlines the most common types and how to qualify for each.

B-Stock's privacy policy and Terms of Use apply to users of its online services. The terms of use are also a legal agreement between you and the seller. The terms of the seller supersede these Terms of Use and will apply if the two documents conflict. B-Stock cannot be responsible for your failure to abide by these terms. If you do not agree with these terms, do not use the B-Stock Services.

The company has continued to grow its client base since raising its Series A round of funding. Today, it has over one hundred clients, and continues to operate profitably. In the coming years, the new funding will support the expansion of its B2B liquidation business and expand its team of marketplace experts. It will also develop a technology roadmap and broaden its service offerings across industries. B-Stock Solutions' board will include Howard Rosenberg and Amir Goldman.

Barriers to success

The key to maximizing profitability when selling B-Stock products is to manage returns effectively. Reselling is a huge part of the business, and it's important to understand how to minimize the time spent on handling returns. Having a streamlined system for processing returns is essential for B-Stock businesses, as is optimizing your shipping plan to minimize returns costs. Below are a few common barriers that retailers face when transitioning to selling B-Stock.

First, make sure your plan has a quality assurance function. Quality assurance services help to ensure that your products meet customer expectations, and a negative experience can impact future sales and customer reviews. B-Stock also helps you to create separate marketplaces for different types of customers. This way, you can maximize the amount of sales you make from a particular type of customer. Also, it's easy to manage multiple marketplaces with different pricing structures.

Other companies near B-Stock Solutions

The Series B funding for B-Stock Solutions comes on the heels of its Series A funding round. With this additional investment, the company will expand its team of marketplace experts, develop a more advanced technology roadmap, and expand its services across industries. In addition, Amir Goldman and Howard Rosenberg will join the company's board of directors. The company has received substantial growth funding from investors including Susquehanna Growth Equity and True Ventures.

Dave Ross heads the B-Stock Solutions team. He has over 10 years of experience building successful marketing programs. His previous experiences include running eBay Inc's Private Marketplaces team and creating marketplaces for major retail brands such as Wal-Mart, Circuit City, and the Government of Mexico. He also managed eBay partner branding programs. He is passionate about helping companies leverage their brands and leverage their power to sell products.

Eric joined B-Stock Solutions in September 2010. His background includes building online marketplaces. He was the first category manager at eBay in 1998, and has a proven track record in building and scaling online marketplaces. He grew eBay's category business by over 500% in his first two years. He has also led the New Business group at eBay. He incubated categories from the ground up.

With his background in international business and relationship management, Theo Gibson has brought 15 years of international and retail experience to the company. While at Windy City Consulting Group, he worked on strategy for retailers, manufacturers, and Fortune 500 companies. Prior to that, he served as VP of Business Development for Enable Holdings, a publicly traded asset-recovery company. His focus there was on the growth of the global excess inventory market.