How To Ship A Container To Nigeria


Are you wondering How To Ship A Container To Nigeria? If so, you have come to the right place. The following article will give you information about USG Shipping Line, CargoMaster, Tin Can Island Port, and Shiptonaija. Use this information to find the best shipping company for your needs. We will also go over the customs procedures and ports of call in Nigeria. So, get started with the best way to ship your container to Nigeria.


If you are planning to export your goods to Nigeria, you need to know the right way to ship your containers to this country. The most popular method is sea freight, which is more affordable and faster than air freight. The cost of shipping a 20ft container is between four hundred thousand and a million naira. The cost of shipping a 20ft container to Nigeria will depend on how much you need to ship and how long you need it to be delivered to its final destination.

If you are a prominent exporter, you might want to consider shipping a full container. If you have enough merchandise, you can always buy a full container, which will give you a great deal on shipping rates. There are many companies that offer great shipping rates. If you are shipping from the US to Nigeria, you can use a shipping company's warehouse, as this is an added benefit for every receiver.

The transit time of a container from Atlanta, Ga., to Tincan, Lagos, is about four days. But, depending on your destination, you may need to wait a few extra days - as much as six weeks! Fortunately, there are now a number of shipping companies who will handle the shipment for you. However, this method requires more planning and attention than shipping a container to other countries.

USG Shipping Line

If you're planning to ship a container to Nigeria, you'll want to read this article. This will give you the details you need to get started with USG Shipping Line. USG has competitive prices for container shipping to Nigeria. You may also want to consider shipping cargo via Roll-on-Roll-off or Break Bulk. USG offers the most cost-effective shipping rates for cargo to Nigeria, and is the company to go with if you're a business owner.

First, you'll need to make sure you have a valid bill of lading (BOL), a telex copy of the bill of lading, and payment of terminal charges. These steps usually take four to seven days, depending on the port of loading. Once the container is loaded and cleared, it will be transported to its final destination. Depending on the destination, shipping costs can vary from 400 thousand to one million naira.

The main port for container shipping to Nigeria is Tin Can Island, which is located on the country's western coast. Onne (Port Harcourt) is a major port in the northern part of the country. This is the capital of the Niger Delta and the center of the petroleum industry in Nigeria. USG Shipping Line offers a special rate for shipping to Port Onne, the main port for the Harcourt region.


If you're shipping a container to Nigeria from the United States, you should be aware that shipping costs can vary greatly. This is due to the different taxes and duties applied in the country as well as the different expectations of customers. One way to get the best rates on shipping to Nigeria is to find a shipping company that specializes in this service. Easyship is an example of such a service. It can offer you real-time rates on your shipping and delivery options at the time of checkout. The platform can also offer additional insurance for your shipment up to $5,000, which is very helpful for international shipping.

Another option for shipping a container to Nigeria is to use air freight. This method is faster than sea freight, but it's also more expensive than air freight. Additionally, you'll need a customs agent and transportation to the port of destination. The port of Onne is a major player in the southeast of Nigeria. A container will likely be taken to this port and then transported by truck or train to the destination city.

Whether you're shipping to Nigeria for personal use or to sell or donate an item, there are many shipping companies that offer container shipping to Nigeria. USG Shipping Line offers competitive rates and quality services to meet the needs of customers. While container shipping to Nigeria remains the most popular method of transport, cargo may also be shipped in Break Bulk or Roll-on-Roll-off. The best option is to find a shipping company that provides container shipping to Nigeria.

Tin Can Island Port in Lagos

Apapa, or the Port of Apapa, is the port of the city of Lagos, Nigeria. It is located about seven kilometers due west of Lagos, across the Lagos Harbor. The location of the port is convenient for the city and its residents. For shipping and receiving goods, it is the preferred location for international cargo. In the city, Tin Can Island is a thriving center of business. The Port of Apapa is a convenient option for shipping and receiving cargo, as it is one of the busiest seaports in Nigeria.

This port complex is primarily powered by an electricity supply station located inside the port. The port is also planning to invest in green technology that will generate power from waste. This will help reduce fuel consumption. Tin Can Island Port was privatized in 2006 and is now operated by five terminal operators. The port was given to five terminal operators in 2006 following a merger of Roro and Tin Can Island ports. In the same year, the Nigerian Port Authority adopted the Land Lord model and the various departments were merged into a single entity.

TICT is the tenant of the Tin Can Island Port in Lagos, Nigeria. It is a container terminal and is one of the biggest in Nigeria. It is designed to handle up to 400,000 TEUs of cargo. In 2015, the Tin Can Island Container Terminal handled 472,837 TEUs. It is located in Apapa, Lagos. The port is seven kilometers due west of Lagos. It has three berths.

Port of Apapa

Apapa is a district located in Lagos, Nigeria. It is home to the Lagos Port Complex and the Nigerian Ports Authority. The Port of Apapa is the major seaport of Lagos State. Its infrastructure is a jumble of waterfronts and creeks, which attract numerous foreign visitors. It is also home to the Nigerian Ports Authority's headquarters and a number of military establishments. The Nigerian Ports Authority was established on April 1, 1955, and has been serving as a public-private partnership ever since.

The current state of the Port of Apapa in Lagos is incomprehensible. The gridlock is worsening, and it's crippling the economy of the State and nation. Prior initiatives, such as setting up truck parks, creating special lane, regulating truck movements by time zone, and involving the Nigerian Security Forces, have failed to remedy this issue. Instead, there is a need to consider the future.

The NPA oversees the development of Nigeria's ports, and it plays a significant role in the country's economy. While the NPA does not control oil terminals, eight other major ports are managed by them. The Port of Apapa is the largest of these, handling over 35 million tons of cargo per year. However, there are still numerous challenges for the Port of Apapa. For example, piracy at berth is a new development that has caused the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria to threaten to remove all members from the ports in the country.

Onne (Port Harcourt)

If you're planning on sending a container from Onne to Onne, Rivers State, you'll need to know about the port's requirements and how to ship a container there from the port of Lagos. Onne is located approximately 26 kilometers outside of Port Harcourt. You can find the port in Onne at the Federal Ocean Terminal. While the port of Port Harcourt is more convenient, the Onne port is more remote.

The West African Container Terminal is located within the Onne Port Complex. It has been operational for over 10 years, and its facilities include Reach Stackers, Forklifts, and an empty container handler. Port Harcourt's Container Terminal is not designed to handle container shipments, and is focused on handling bulk and tanker vessels. You can ship a container to Onne using Adnavem's online shipping quote service.

The Onne port serves as a logistics hub for the Eastern part of Nigeria. While the port is already a major oil and gas hub, Onne is fast becoming one of the country's premier gateways. With an expanding economy, the port is attempting to invest in modern container handling equipment, IT, warehouses, and factories, and modern health and safety processes. The port is open 24 hours a day, and has two major vessels berthing there: the Pacific International Line's Kota Sejarah and the MSC Floriana.