How To Sell Your Wholesale Products By The Pallet


Have you ever wanted to sell your products in larger quantities?

While it’s nice to sell products one at a time, especially when you can make a decent profit on each sale, there is definitely something very rewarding and fulfilling about selling in bulk.

Selling in bulk, or by the pallet, allows you to increase your average net profit, and move your merchandise at a fast pace.

Keep in mind that when you sell by the pallet you will be sacrificing your profit margin.

For instance, let’s say you purchase Calvin Klein dresses for $20 each from my wholesale business. You might wholesale a Calvin Klein dress at $30 each, making $10 a dress, which gives you a gross profit margin of about 33%. If you sell a pallet of 100 Calvin Klein dresses, you might be able to sell the pallet for $2,500, which gives you a gross profit margin per dress of 20%. While your gross profit margin is significantly less when you sell by the pallet, your actual profit on the transaction is $500, which is a lot higher than $6.

So how can you sell your wholesale products by the pallet?

  1. You need to make sure that you are offering your merchandise at true wholesale, and preferably, below wholesale prices.

  2. You need to offer pallets that your customers can afford to buy. If local retailers can only spend up to $1,000 on a wholesale order, then you can only offer pallets that cost up to $1,000. Using the example of the Calvin Klein dresses, you would make pallets consisting of 40 dresses at $25 each, since that pallet would cost $1,000, which is the upper limit of your customer’s buying power.

  3. Create a wholesale website and market the site using articles, YouTube videos, Adwords, Facebook pay per click ads, and flyers.

  4. Introduce yourself to local retailers and let them know about your wholesale pallet deals.