How To Sell Wholesale Products At Outdoor Markets


Outdoor markets are basically exterior markets that are created by either cordoning off a road and limiting it to pedestrian traffic, or renting out an outside area by a significant commercial junction. There are promoters of markets that rotate their outside venues throughout a major city. Many of these exterior sales events are held throughout the summertime months, this way they can bring in more individuals and also take advantage of the sunny weather, and tourists, who most often travel to major cities, such as New York, Tokyo, or Jerusalem, during the summer months.

You would want wholesale products that either suit the functional or impulse classification. Due to the fact that your customers are not there particularly to shop, since they might have just been walking on the street on a tour, and ended up being drawn to your booth, you require items that they require every day, or will get on impulse. In other words, you should sell practical items, or exciting impulsive items such as tourist or collectible merchandise. If you are setting up in an outdoor market in Manhattan, you will want New York related merchandise.

The best practical wholesale items for these occasions are hygiene items, undergarments, caps, as well as eyewear, considering that these are all items that individuals use during the summer each day. Think about wholesale merchandise which individuals require to buy anyways, and will certainly buy from you based upon benefit or price variables. The best impulse things to include in your booth would be entertainment related items, collectibles, and As Seen On TV Items. A strong selling impulse product will be one that will catch people's curiosity while being sold at a cost that is also good to be turned down.

One of my favorite outdoor markets was the Columbus Outdoor Market, which took place in Manhattan on Columbus Ave. I became friends with one of the vendors, Tuvia Yamnik, who specialized in selling linens. Mr Yamnik chose to focus on a specific product line, which enabled him to carefully study his customers and knowing which products to sell, and at which prices. I would recommend the business model of focusing on one specific product category. In addition to learning your business, you can potentially gain repeat customers when you return to sell at the same outdoor market.