How To Sell Wholesale Clothing On Amazon


Did you know you can sell wholesale brand name clothing on Amazon?

In these recent times, the competition in the market is very tough. Great marketing skills are needed for one to be on top, and the most significant approach should target the following:
• Maximum exposure or visibility in the market
• Stylish and quality wholesale products
• Excellent customer feedback
How to target successfully the three items above? Take advantage of Amazon, one of the most profitable e-commerce platform and the most valuable retailer in these recent times. Its revenue reaches more than 1 billion dollars annually, as it covers a lot of countries in the world.
Why sell through Amazon? Aside from the astounding annual revenues it generates annually, it is also one of the most visible websites in the world. In studies about customer shopping, a lot of people visit the Amazon website first before purchasing anything. 

There is definitely money in sales, and Amazon has a proven track record in sales that no one can doubt. 
How to sell clothing on Amazon? What are the rules to follow when selling on their website? Here are the most important rules to consider:
• No used clothing and shoes will be sold online
• Customer queries should be addressed within 24 hours
• Images background should be white
• Order delivery must meet the deadline
• Customer feedback should be satisfactory

How to Register on Amazon
Open an account with Amazon through the following simple steps:
1. Click on “Sell” option on the top homepage.
2. Fill in the details required such as name, email, and password. 
3. Verify your account via phone confirmation from Amazon.
4. Complete the tax information sheet.

After registering or successfully opening an account, know more about how to list your clothes online.
There are specific rules for posting photos, captions, and descriptions for clothing products that Amazon has set. This is to make sure that everything is standard or uniform. This is also to make sure that professionalism is exhibited in all postings or listings at all times.
Once you got approval to sell, this is one major step to your dream of becoming known worldwide. The next step is to be familiar with the listing rules or requirements as it is well known ever. 

Here are the listing procedures: 
• On the inventory tab, select the add products via upload. 
• Select the product category you want. 
• Fill out an excel file which will contain the following - item type keyword, seller SKU (product code), item name, brand name, color, department, size, standard price and quantity.
• Upload the excel inventory file on the website. 
• If the file has been approved by Amazon, you can successfully upload the file and manage your inventory.
The inventory file contains a bulk of your products that should sell.

Uploading the item photos then is not enough. It is very important to know one huge secret of many great marketers – attractive keywords. When creating descriptions and captions in your wholesale products, make sure to utilize the words that attract customers.