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Today, we can buy and sell products and services across borders. This is made possible by the Internet. There are e-Commerce websites which bring buyers and sellers together. This form of business can be done between Businesses and Clients (B2C) or Business to Business (B2B). is an e-Commerce website which facilitates B2B transactions. It is a leading directory of wholesalers that actively sell wholesale products. 

Whether you are a fashion showroom in New York looking to sell a lot of Nine West dresses, or an LA closeout broker looking to sell wholesale handbags, you should be exploring all your available online options.

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This website is a directory which brings businesses together so that they can interact. It has a collection of tools for sourcing products that help resellers to find pre-screened wholesalers, dropshippers, importers, distributors, and manufacturers too. Visitors to the site can search through it for free with no registration required. In addition to that, they get wholesale products at the best prices today.

Visitors to this online product directory can create accounts and become qualified wholesale buyers. Upon becoming such buyers, they can join a FREE Buyers Network. It gives them premium access to the site and some bonuses as well.

Upon finding a product listing in this e-Commerce site that you desire, you can simply click on its link. This will take you to its supplier's website. Upon arriving there, you can proceed to place orders directly within their native website. This is a method of connecting wholesale buyers and sellers. In doing so, all the parties involved in the transactions can maximize their profits.

How can you sell your own products on

Businesses can register accounts in and sell their products. The first step to accomplish this is to register an account. This is done by clicking on the “Sign Up” button in the site. Doing so will take you to a special form which can help your company to join the directory.

The form has boxes where you can enter your contact information. This includes your own first and last name followed by the name of your company as well as your contact details. Moreover, requires your postal code and other postage details. Upon doing so, you can then proceed to enter the administrator details which you hope to use for accessing the company account in this directory.

For you to stay listed in this directory and sell products, you need to pay some money. provides you with payment plans and options to choose from. Some examples of these are $399 for 6 months of validity and $698 for 12 months. Proceed to pick the plan you like and indicate a payment method as well. The site accepts credit cards and wire transfers too.


Upon filling in this information, you can place an order for a directory listing. This one will allow you to create an eCommerce store for your company in the directory and sell your products. The steps above show you how to sell products on provides participant companies with customer support to help in maintaining the online store and perform product promotion. It is one of the leading B2B directories on the Internet.