How to Sell Print on Demand on Amazon


If you're wondering how to sell print on demand on Amazon, you're not alone. A large number of people have already discovered the power of Merch by Amazon and Printful, which let you create custom products. There's also a great deal of money to be made through Amazon PPC advertising. But what do you need to know to make a profit selling these items? Read on to find out how to start a successful business on Amazon.

Merch by Amazon

If you have been wondering how to sell print on demand merchandise on Amazon, you are not alone. There are a lot of new sellers that struggle to get approved. There are several steps to get approved, and the application process can take anywhere from three weeks to over a year. Amazon is very selective about who they will allow to sell on their site, and you will need to follow all of the requirements carefully to be approved.

Once approved, you can start selling your products through Merch by Amazon. These items are available at normal prices, and you can even make your items eligible for Prime, which means that you can ship them faster. Joining this program is free, but you will need to be approved. While this program is geared toward bespoke products, such as T-shirts and hats, it can still work for you.


While Merch by Amazon is a similar service, Printful is an online retailer that specializes in selling print-on-demand products. As an online seller, you can sell your products on multiple marketplaces such as Amazon. Through Printful, you can sell multiple products and generate passive income from different channels. The process to get started with Printful is quite simple, and you can upload your logo and design to their website. Then, Printful will handle the manufacturing process for you, while you can focus on designing and selling your product.

Once you've established your online store, you can then connect it to Printful to get your designs printed. After you've set up your Storefront, you can then use their mock-up creator to create custom products. With unlimited designs, you can sell just about any type of product that you want. Printful will ship the orders directly to your customer. You will then get paid a percentage of the purchase price from Printful.

Dropshipping platforms

When it comes to selling on Amazon, you may be wondering which dropshipping platform is best for you. The answer is Aliexpress, a business-to-business website that connects e-commerce entrepreneurs with suppliers. Aliexpress allows e-commerce entrepreneurs to browse a huge selection of products and see product details, including the price and shipping cost. A notebook/agenda planner costs $3.22 with free shipping to the US.

The benefits of dropshipping are many. For one thing, you don't have to worry about manufacturing and shipping products. The supplier will purchase the items and ship them directly to your customers. This makes it easy to get started and doesn't take up much time. Secondly, you don't need a warehouse to store your inventory. It's also very easy to set up a dropshipping business without having to worry about the logistics.


There are a few things to consider before getting started with Print on Demand on Amazon. The first is the market. As the largest online retail store, Amazon sells a ton of merch. So, it makes sense to do some research and see what designs sell well there. You can even see how your designs stack up against other products by looking at BSR rankings, or best seller ratings. That way, you can decide which designs to create and sell.

Another way to make money from Print on Demand on Amazon is to use a free tool called Google Trends. Using this tool, you can find out which subjects are trending and what phrases people are looking for online. For example, if someone searches for "sitcom", they are likely to find t-shirts with phrases that are popular. Be careful about copyright, as you don't want to infringe on a third-party's work. If your design isn't popular enough, try putting it on a shirt.


One of the many benefits of selling print on demand through Amazon is the royalties that you can earn. Normally, you'll receive 60% of the list price of your book. However, you must be aware that some paperback book sizes can't be converted to hardcover format. The following article will outline how to earn royalties through print on demand on Amazon. In addition, you'll learn about the costs associated with the different types of print books.

First, you need to decide what royalty you'd like to earn. If you're selling t-shirts on Amazon, the best method is to make a small profit with every single sale. However, the royalty rate will vary depending on the pricing of your product. A typical POD t-shirt on Printful costs between $12 and $15. Therefore, selling it for $16 will only generate a profit of $4.