How to Sell PLR eBooks on Amazon


If you are wondering how to sell PLR eBooks on Amazon, read on. You will learn how to create a Kindle book based on a PLR eBook. In addition, you will learn about Sellfy and the importance of rebranding your eBook. As a first step, make sure your eBook is unique and has value for your audience. Once you have the eBook, you should spend some time rebranding it and creating content for it.

Selling PLR eBooks on Amazon

Many people make a pretty penny on Amazon by selling PLR eBooks. It's important to keep in mind that your eBook might get lost among the thousands of other books on the site. You can collect positive reviews from your readers, which will drive more traffic to your book. Make sure your PLR eBooks are easy to read, because people don't like to waste time reading a book that's too difficult to understand.

Make your eBooks look great. PLR eBooks may be bland and uninteresting. To make them more attractive, use graphics and add content to give the product a visual break. Rebranding your eBook is a simple and cost-effective way to give your PLR product a new look. Remember that the more professional your eBook looks, the higher your sales will be. Just make sure to choose a PLR provider that offers verifiable testimonials and feedback.

Creating a Kindle book with PLR content

You've probably heard of creating a Kindle book with PLR content before, but did you know that you can't do it on Amazon? Amazon has strict rules about publishing Kindle books. Publishing PLR content is against the terms of service, and Amazon wants your books to be original. You could end up getting your account banned and not be able to publish any books through the Kindle program in the future.

Many authors have had success with PLR, but you'll probably be disappointed when you discover how poorly it performs. You'll find spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, and your book may not have any valuable tips. Plus, PLR books aren't as polished as original content, which Amazon doesn't approve. You'll have to write from scratch and create an ebook that stands out from the thousands of other products available on the site.

Using Sellfy

Using Sellfy is an excellent way to sell PLR eBooks on Amazon and earn a living from home. You can create bundles and sell them as single products on Sellfy. You can also embed your PLR eBooks on your website or blog using the Sellfy embed feature. You can create a single product page and sell only that product, which will include a description, Buy Now button, and uploaded images. If you want to sell multiple PLR eBooks, you can embed the entire Sellfy store page on your website or blog.

The platform makes it easy to set up a storefront and embed the shopping cart on your website. However, it isn't free, so you may want to consider a paid subscription plan. The monthly plans range from $19 to $89 and come with advanced analytics. The free trial offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. You can try Sellfy before you buy and you won't have to pay a single cent to sell your eBooks.

Rebranding your eBook

Rebranding your PLR eBooks on Amazon has several benefits. It is easier to attract customers by using unique content, which is highly desirable in marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. The disadvantages of using PLR are that your eBooks may get lost among thousands of other products. Additionally, the marketplaces run plagiarism checks on the content before allowing it on their marketplace. However, you can get away with this disadvantage by following some tips and tricks.

First, consider the title. The title of your eBook is the most important part of rebranding. You need to change it to be more unique and personalized. This way, people will be attracted to buy your book because of its unique title. Besides, you can also make use of multimedia content to improve the quality of your ebook. Remember that high-quality multimedia content will make your eBook more valuable and appealing to readers.