How to Sell Phone Cases on Amazon


Selling phone cases on Amazon can be a lucrative business. If you dial in your production chain, you can make big sales. There are four things to remember when selling phone cases: price range, types, manufacturers, and Search engine marketing. If you can make these four factors, you'll be on your way to making a full-time living as a seller on Amazon. Read on to discover how. Listed below are some of the most important tips.

Types of phone cases

The types of phone cases you can sell on Amazon are as varied as the products themselves. The most popular phone cases are those made of wood or feature geometric designs. This means that they are better suited to the needs of a certain market than, for instance, general keywords like 'iPhone X phone case'. You must keep in mind that you must pay a 15% commission when you sell your products on Amazon.

Slim phone cases are the most popular type. They are slim and can be very stylish, combining a case with the phone's design. The cases are usually made of flexible silicone gel, and are typically less expensive than other options. Some cases have extra features that make them more useful, such as a stand. Slim phone cases can also be sold at a discount on Amazon, making them a good way to boost your sales.


Smartphone accessories like phone cases have become a lucrative business for manufacturers and suppliers. Some of them even earn a four or five-figure income from the sales of their products, both through eCommerce channels and through in-person events. Manufacturers should remember that a new phone is released every two or three months, so users are always on the lookout for new products. These customers are either upgrading from an older model or looking for a new design for their new phone. With such a wide variety of products available, manufacturers can never run out of ways to keep their customers happy.

For example, when selling your products in the USA, you must have a label stating the country of origin. You should also create a file of all the necessary information, and store this in an organized manner. Moreover, if you sell leather-covered phone cases, you need to be familiar with regulations enforced by the FTC, which is responsible for consumer protection. The FTC has specific regulations for phone cases made of leather, and these fall under the jurisdiction of 16 CFR Part 24.

Search engine marketing

To make money with online phone case sales, you'll need to learn how to use search engine marketing to attract customers. First, figure out what types of phones people are looking for, so that you can cater to a specific niche. This can include niches for specific models. You can also use keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner and KWFinder to determine the market for phone cases. To find out how to make your product more visible in search results, you can target people who are looking for phone cases and have the intention to buy.

The next step is to choose relevant keywords. The search algorithm of Amazon is based on the A9 algorithm. This algorithm matches products to user inputs to provide the best possible results for a user's query. By choosing the right keywords, you can make your product more visible in search results and increase your conversion rate. However, before implementing backend keywords, you should test various variations on your product description and A9 search engine optimization.

Cost of California Proposition 65 lab-testing

A smartphone case may be the only item a consumer may have to pay for California Proposition 65 compliance. The cost of California Proposition 65 lab-testing depends on several factors. The type of material and number of chemicals involved can determine the cost. For instance, a watch with many components will cost more to test than a single fabric. Testing companies usually need five to ten pieces of the product to determine its level of exposure to chemicals.

The chemicals listed on Proposition 65 are known to cause cancer, birth defects, and other health problems. These chemicals are often found in products used every day. They include common household items and chemical additives. The list also includes dyes and pesticides. The chemicals are in common everyday products and can affect the development of children. It is best to avoid products that contain chemicals listed on Proposition 65 lists.