How to Sell DVDs on Amazon


You've read articles like this one on how to sell DVDs on Amazon, but how do you get them noticed? You can use the power of Amazon advertising to get your DVDs in front of a lot of customers. You can also advertise on third-party websites and in products related to your DVDs. Regardless of your method, you'll need to keep a few things in mind. Here are some tips for success:


If you have a large collection of DVDs, you might want to try selling them on VarageSale. This community app lets you post your items for sale and also verifies that you are the actual seller. You can also message other users and ask them questions about your items. If you decide to sell on VarageSale, you should plan on meeting up with other sellers in your area. The process is fast and easy, and you can get great deals on quality items.

You can sell DVDs on VarageSale by entering their product code on the product's description. The website then displays prices from several buyback vendors. You can choose the vendor who offers the best price for your DVDs. You can ship your DVDs to your customer or accept their pick-up. After receiving payment, you can ship your DVDs. The price for each individual item will depend on the condition of the DVDs.


If you've ever tried to sell your DVDs on Amazon, you may be wondering how to get started. The good news is that there are several tools available to help you. One of those tools is TextBookRush. It's free to sign up for, accepts up to 20 UPC codes, and allows you to search for books by ISBN and title. You can also choose to use a paper check to receive your payment.

Unlike other marketplaces, TextBookRush offers free shipping for all items, including books, DVDs, video games, and movies. TextBookRush also offers an excellent customer service, and pays sellers via PayPal, store credit, or cash. In addition, they also catalogue other platforms, like TextbookRush. With this tool, you can sell your DVDs on Amazon with minimal effort and earn cash on the side.

Facebook Marketplace

One way to increase your selling opportunities on Facebook is by selling DVDs. This online marketplace allows you to list 50 items for free each month. The site has a global audience of 170 million active users, making it easy to reach an international audience. However, you must devote more time to listing your products. For DVDs, you must post photos and other information. If your DVD collection is in high demand, this method may pay off. It is particularly useful if you do not want to ship the items.

You can also list your DVDs on Facebook, but be sure to read the guidelines carefully. Facebook buyers are more likely to be willing to purchase used items, so you'll have more chances to sell to them. Also, if you have a large collection, you may want to list them in bundles to increase their chances of selling quickly. You can also list your DVDs in groups, which is free and helps you get rid of them faster.


If you're considering selling your used DVDs on Amazon, try using Decluttr to sell your items. The app makes selling your DVDs a breeze - simply scan barcodes to list your items, print a shipping label, and drop your box at UPS. Decluttr will send you a check for the purchase price and the cost of shipping, and they also pay you if your media items don't meet their quality criteria.

Compared to Amazon's trade-in program, Decluttr offers the best service when it comes to selling your DVDs. The program allows you to sell your DVDs to millions of people, and is free to use. Unlike eBay and Craigslist, Decluttr offers free shipping, removing the hassle of dealing with shipping costs. Once you've sold your DVDs, all you have to do is wait for payment.


If you have a collection of DVDs that you want to sell, Bonavendi may be the way to go. Bonavendi allows you to scan barcodes on DVDs using its mobile app, which makes selling DVDs quick and easy. It also allows you to compare prices from different merchants. Once you've made a selection, you'll be transferred to the vendor's website, where you'll be required to re-enter payment information.

There's one downside to using Bonavendi, though: you have to manually input barcodes into over 20 different merchants on the site. However, if you're only selling five or ten DVDs, this is not a problem. However, selling 100 DVDs can be time-consuming. In such cases, Bonavendi is the best way to sell used items without any hassle.

Eagle Saver

Using Eagle Saver for selling DVDs on Amazon allows you to sell your old collections with the convenience of free shipping. You don't have to pay a fee to ship your goods, and you can even accept payments through PayPal or paper checks. Eagle Saver's process is straightforward and free, and they will even provide you with a shipping label. Just remember to make sure the DVDs you want to sell are in top condition and in good condition!

Eagle Saver pays its sellers next day, and it covers the shipping costs if you have items rejected by other sellers. They also have a mobile app so you can easily scan a barcode and start listing. Like Decluttr, Eagle Saver pays sellers via PayPal, paper check, or PayPal after accepting your items. You can also sell your TV shows and movies on Eagle Saver, too.