How to Sell Audible Books on Amazon


Audiobooks are very different from traditional books. They are read out loud and are usually enhanced with comments and other narration to make them conversational. As a rule of thumb, you can expect to put in three to four hours of work per hour of finished audio. The speed of out-loud reading is about 160 words per minute, so the extra two or three hours will be spent on editing and mastering.

Audible pays a $25 "bounty" if your audiobook is one of the first three purchased

The Audible Bounty Program is changing its payout structure. Previously, Audible paid out $25 to rights holders if their audiobook was one of the first three downloaded on the service. Now, however, the company will pay $50 to authors and producers if their audiobook is one of the first three downloads on Amazon. That's a substantial bump.

The ACX Bounty Referral Program allows you to earn an extra $25 for bringing new Audible members. This program encourages authors to publish their audiobooks on ACX. StartSomething Creative Business Solutions can handle the production and publishing process for you. We can ensure your audiobook is the best it can be and get it sold quickly. Moreover, we offer a guarantee for all audiobooks we publish.

When referring a book, you can use your unique URL. You can share the ACX tracking URL with anyone who's willing to purchase the audiobook. Audible will send you a $25 bounty if your audiobook is among the first three purchased on Amazon. This is a great way to increase your revenue and make it easier for others to download your audiobook.

Getting your audiobook accepted by ACX

If you'd like your audiobook to be sold on Amazon, you'll need to get your ACX account set up. After you have registered, you'll have to fill out the necessary personal information, tax details, and banking details. Once you've done that, you can search for your books and assert them as titles. Your books will now appear on the ACX dashboard, where you can upload audio files and hire professionals to record them.

After you have received your ACX account, it's time to get started on the process of completing the production of your audiobook. You'll have to meet certain deadlines. Upload audio for each chapter of your audiobook. ACX listens to each chapter and will either approve or request changes. Depending on the quality of your work, this process can take up to six weeks. Once it's finished, you'll be able to sell your audiobook online.

When applying to ACX, you'll have to choose a genre, and include notes about sales and author platforms. This is important if you want to earn royalties or have a royalty share agreement. Also, you'll need to provide a voice sample and specify the type of voice you use. ACX also looks at how many titles you've produced so far. Make sure to select a genre that is popular with your audience.

Marketing your audiobook

If you are not planning to publish your audiobook on popular channels, you should focus on generating buzz with your marketing efforts. To gain attention and create buzz, you should try giveaways and special landing pages for your audiobook. Promote your audiobook on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Include the link to your audiobook in your website or newsletter to reach more people. Use a social media page to promote your audiobook and create a page for it on GoodReads.

If you are not yet aware of your audience, start building an email list. Email marketing is an essential part of any book marketing strategy. Building a list will help you future-proof your career. You can use your email list to share audiobook release news, share snippets of your book, and even create an autoresponder sequence with links to your audiobook sales page. Email services are also great for tracking customer data.

Use keywords in your titles and descriptions. Make sure to use several different keywords when marketing your audiobook. It is best to choose a keyword that describes the topic of your audiobook. Don't try to stuff the keywords, though. Amazon and Audible suggest several words and phrases that your potential listeners will likely use to find your book. You can also try creating a slipstream to boost your ranking. You can also promote your audiobook with the Kindle store.