How to Sell a Phone on eBay


Before you can learn how to sell a phone on eBay, it's important that you know about the basic principles of this method. Listed on the same day as the item is most advantageous, as it saves you time. Take good pictures of your phone and note any imperfections you find in the description. Imperfections can be bargaining chips if you are dealing with a buyer who doesn't want to pay for a broken screen, cracked phone, or other defects.

eBay offers a 40% higher return than standard smartphone trade-in providers

Currently, standard smartphone trade-in providers typically offer a value of 40 to 50 percent below average market price. However, with the eBay Instant Selling program, you no longer need to wait for a few days to receive your payment. Instead, you will receive instant payment in the form of an eBay voucher. In comparison to standard trade-in providers, eBay offers a 40 percent higher return than these trade-in values.

Instant Selling eliminates waiting for a phone to sell

There's a new way to sell your cell phone on eBay: Instant Selling. If you've been waiting weeks to sell your old phone on eBay, you'll be glad to hear that Instant Selling is available now. eBay will now purchase your phone and sell it at its own terms. Instant Selling is free, and you'll get an eBay voucher for your trouble. And it's just in time for the iPhone XR.

With the new Instant Selling program, you can get paid for your phone immediately, without the lengthy process of listing and waiting for it to sell. Once you've listed your phone on eBay, you can receive a check from eBay right away. You can even add a photo of your phone and have it sold in a matter of minutes. The process is simple and should only take a few minutes.

Buyer pays return shipping

eBay's return policy can make the sale go smoothly if the buyer doesn't feel satisfied. Buyers who receive a phone with a defect can return it at no cost. In such cases, the seller can contact the buyer to arrange for the return. Usually, the buyer will need to open the box and inspect the item before it can be returned to the seller. Listed below are the steps to follow in the event that a buyer returns a phone.

Before sending the item back, the buyer must notify the seller in writing that the purchase was a mistake. The buyer has 14 calendar days to return the item. The seller must accept the returned item and issue a refund, including the shipping costs. In this case, the buyer must include the return shipping cost in the item's listing, otherwise it will appear as an invoice on the seller's monthly invoice.

Using mobile apps to list items to sell

If you've ever considered selling on eBay, you've probably heard of the new mobile app. With the eBay mobile app, you can easily list items to sell from your phone. By scanning the barcode of the item, the app pulls up the details of the item and lets you set the starting price. Rather than uploading photos, you can choose to list the item for auction. You can also review your selling history and view your listing drafts.

You can even use the app to sell your clothes. The app offers a customizable interface and encourages potential buyers to browse your entire wardrobe before making a purchase. Most sales apps charge a transaction fee, and you'll have to pay to use these services. However, if you're selling more than ten items a month, the app also offers paid memberships with perks like expedited payments, promoted listings, and customer service for buyers.