• how to research a DHgate seller before ordering


    how to research a DHgate seller before ordering

    If you have considered approaching a DHgate seller for your business, you would want to avoid falling in a trap of scammy and fraud sellers and select only the most reliable ones who would help you build your brand or just provide a good experience.

    The best way to know about the veritableness of a seller is to ask them questions.Don't hesitate to act straightforward and double check everything before placing an order.Check their current ratings.Take a Look at their profile. How long have they been selling for? See for their badges.Dhgate currently offers two types of seals: the top merchants and the premium merchants. The sellers are manually chosen by the staff members every month for these badges on the basis of the quality of products, shipping times, secure transactions, high responsiveness and high repurchase rates.

    The next thing would be to directly contact the seller. 

    Ask them about the inventory."Are the products covered under warranty?"."Are they still in stocks?"How are they packaged?"

    There's a good chance that all the cheap items would neither have a good branding nor a warranty.Keep in mind that every seller on Dhgate is entitled to respond to you back. A delayed response or infrequent answering may point out towards lack of experience. Tell them to send you a sample copy if you are still unsure to order.

    All the transactions on Dhgate are covered under the payment protection so there's actually no way a seller can ship you a fake product and get paid for it. But Be sure to find only those sellers who pose accurate descriptions of their products. Circumlocution and excessive use of vague language can create confusion and you might not get a full refund in case of any potential conflict.

    Check for counterfeit products that are sold dirt cheap but can come in very expensive to you. There are numerous scammy sellers on Dhgate who sell iPods,iPhones and iMac for very cheap prices. 

    Apple, Samsung, Nike or any other multinational company has a limited chain of suppliers and would unlikely find a place in the Chinese e-commerce market. There was a case when A buyer had ordered fake copies of Adobe software on Dhgate which themselves had fake activation keys to run upon! keep in mind that Neither Dhgate nor Paypal covers refund for a significantly different product. And most of the times the benefit of a doubt is given to the seller. 

    Check for the mode of the payment as proposed by the seller.Do not in any case offer wire transfers as you might not get a refund in case of a faulty product and do not always be sure about the refund policy as secondary help if everything backfires, use your discretion when choosing sellers. There was a case when a customer ordered a 35$ Chinese phone from a seller, unhappy with the product quality he demanded a refund and the Dhgate told him to ship it back which would cost him 90$ nearly thrice as much as of what he had paid for!