How To Rent A Store In The New York Fashion District


Searching For the Ideal Store 

The first step in how to rent a store in the NY fashion district will involve getting the perfect store. In our present age, this has been made easier by the Internet. In fact, you will be able to easily find quality rentals either the 37th Street up to 9th street, by a simple tap on your smart-phone. You can then proceed to check the details about the unit you find appealing to you and check whether it meets your expectations. There are also online resource sites like that are focused on guiding you to find a store that matches your budget at a less hassle. 

You can also check out quality available rentals in the NY fashion district by checking magazines like The New York Fashion Week, The Wall Street Journal, The London Fashion Week among others. These magazines will provide useful information and will even show stores that are offering discounts. By comparing pricing, features and location of the shown stores, you will be able to distinguish the best store and that which offers convenience in terms quality vs price and location. 

You could as well watch documentaries that show product reviews which are related fashion in New York. Some of the informative documentaries are Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton, Mademoiselle, Dior and I and The September Issue. These documentaries give information that will be useful in checking out how spacious the stores are, ways of putting them into use and examples of stocked products. You will then have a clearer picture of how to put your fashion business idea into practice. 

Reputable landlords 

When making a decision about the store you are going to take, it is highly advisable that you also consider the Landlord in question. Some landlords will give incredible offers and they have hidden cards under the table.You must insist on clear terms, and have them in writing, the amount of rent, terms of increasing the rent, grounds of vacating the premises among others. Once this is done, you will rest assured that you will not be paying higher rent after just three months in the establishment. 

You can get real estate agents and brokers from and trusted publications such as Time Out, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. Some of brokers include Chelsea and Cobble Hill. You will need to carefully check out agents who are located near you and who are dealing with real estate rentals. After getting the ideal broker, you are encouraged and called upon to get information about them from friends, neighbors and customers who recently bought or took rentals. You will also need to visit the stores in person and meet the agent one on one prior to committing to take the rentals. Some reputable, Real Estate Agents around New York city are, Moira Connolly and Kelly Williams. 

Once the checks considered above are in place, you can comfortably go ahead and take the store that well fits the description you desire. You will pay the amount of deposit required and then you will move your things to the store. After that, you will commit yourself to pay consistently to avoid rental default notices and accumulated rent. 

According to the business publication Crain's New York Business, the landlords that are active in the New York Garment District include Empire State Realty Trust, Chetrit Group, Kaufman Organization, George Comfort and Sons, W.P. Carey, and Newmark Holdings. 

Keep in mind that although there are still many international wholesale buyers that visit showrooms in Manhattan, many are venturing out to Brooklyn and Queens. For instance, my closeout warehouse is located in Greenpoint Brooklyn. 

Although the foot traffic outside of Manhattan might be lower, the rents are also substantially less, allowing you to potentially charge less for the wholesale products that you will be selling.