How to Reduce Image Size on ClozeOut


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Image size

Your site is not mobile friendly if you use large images. Not only will your visitors not be able to view your site on their phone, they may also leave in frustration if the images take too long to load. You must therefore keep in mind the size of the images on your site. Fortunately, there are many options available to reduce image size on clozeout. Read on to learn how. Also, here are some useful tips to reduce image size on clozeout:


The page contains 34 requests: CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, image, and text. Several CSS and JavaScript files should be combined into one file, reducing the number of requests for these assets. This will increase page load speed. Image optimization is also important to reduce the number of requests for this page. Images on Clozeout are optimized for web viewing. If you're concerned about page load time, consider optimizing your images and using smaller images for faster performance.

CSS files merged into one

Many css files load in flexible content blocks. This technique is no longer supported. The alternative is to use global custom CSS/JS files, which can be enqueued with the code from our FAQ section. Let's review these options in more detail. First, let's combine CSS files, since they're generally the same. In the following example, we'll merge CSS files, which will make the page load faster.

Secondly, merging CSS/JS files may break functionality of your site. This can break ajax and scroll functions. Ultimately, it will slow down page loading. You should consider merging CSS/JS files into one before merging them. However, there are some pros and cons to this strategy. If you're planning to merge CSS/JS files, check GA stats and make sure you haven't broken anything.

HTML files merged into one

Trying to load a webpage from Rather than opening up each file individually, why not combine them into one? The web browser has the ability to compress files using GZIP. By doing so, the content on this page can be compressed up to 87%. This can significantly reduce the size of your page, and your visitors will love it! Let's take a look at how to accomplish this feat.

To merge multiple HTML documents into a single document, you need a program that can do this automatically. Fortunately, there are many free online tools that can merge HTML files into one document. Merge/Combine HTML to CSV Online supports a variety of file formats, including Microsoft Excel, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOs. It also supports Markdown and HTML. This powerful and convenient tool works on any computer and is compatible with many different browsers. Moreover, you can merge unlimited files, so you won't need to worry about installing desktop software.