How to Market Your Wholesale Products Using Pinterest


How to Market Your Wholesale Products Using Pinterest

Pinterest is not just a platform for home decor and recipe ideas; it has evolved into a powerful marketing tool for businesses, including those involved in wholesale product distribution. As a visually-driven social media platform, Pinterest provides a unique opportunity to showcase your wholesale products, connect with potential buyers, and drive traffic to your website or e-commerce store. In this article, we will explore the strategies and best practices to effectively market your wholesale products using Pinterest.

1. Creating a Business Pinterest Account

Before delving into marketing strategies, it is essential to set up a dedicated business account on Pinterest. A business account offers several advantages, including access to Pinterest Analytics, advertising options, and the ability to claim your website, which adds credibility to your profile. Follow these steps to create a business account:

Visit Pinterest for Business: Go to and click on "Join as a business" or convert your existing personal account into a business account.

Complete Your Profile: Fill in your business name, add a profile picture (preferably your company logo), and craft a compelling bio that highlights what your wholesale business offers.

Claim Your Website: Verify your website on Pinterest. This will enable you to track your website's performance on Pinterest and access additional features.

2. Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

A well-optimized Pinterest profile can attract more followers and increase your visibility. Here are some tips to enhance your profile:

Create Boards Relevant to Your Niche: Organize your boards into categories that align with your wholesale products. For instance, if you sell home decor items, you might have boards for "Living Room Decor," "Bedroom Accessories," "Kitchen Essentials," etc.

Use Rich Keywords: Optimize your board names, pin descriptions, and bio with relevant keywords that your target audience is likely to search for. This will improve your visibility in Pinterest search results.

Add a Call-to-Action (CTA): Include a clear CTA in your bio, encouraging visitors to explore your website or shop for your wholesale products.

3. Create Eye-Catching Pins

Pinterest is all about visuals, so it's crucial to create compelling, eye-catching pins that entice users to click through to your website. Here are some tips for creating attention-grabbing pins:

High-Quality Images: Use high-resolution images that showcase your wholesale products in the best light. Avoid pixelated or low-quality visuals.

Vertical Pin Format: Pinterest favors vertical pins, as they take up more space in the feed and are more likely to catch the user's eye. The recommended aspect ratio for Pinterest pins is 2:3 or 1000 x 1500 pixels.

Text Overlay: Add a clear, concise, and engaging text overlay to your pin images. This overlay should convey the product's key features, benefits, or an enticing offer.

Branding: Incorporate your company logo or brand colors into the pin design to build brand recognition.

4. Utilize Rich Pins

Pinterest offers Rich Pins, which are pins that provide additional information beyond the standard pin. There are four types of Rich Pins:

Product Pins: These pins display real-time pricing, availability, and purchase links for your wholesale products. When you update product details on your website, the changes will automatically reflect on the Product Pins.

Recipe Pins: Ideal for businesses dealing with food-related wholesale products. Recipe Pins include ingredients, cooking times, and serving details.

Article Pins: If you have a blog or regularly publish articles related to your products, Article Pins display the headline, author, and description of the article.

App Pins: For businesses with mobile apps, App Pins allow users to download the app directly from Pinterest.

Implementing Rich Pins enhances the user experience, adds credibility to your pins, and increases the likelihood of users engaging with your content.

5. Leverage Pinterest SEO

Pinterest is essentially a search engine for visuals, and like any search engine, it relies on search engine optimization (SEO) to deliver relevant content to users. To optimize your wholesale products for Pinterest search, consider the following:

Keyword Research: Use tools like Pinterest's own search bar, Google Keyword Planner, or third-party keyword research tools to identify popular keywords relevant to your wholesale products.

Board Descriptions: Write keyword-rich descriptions for your boards, making them more discoverable by users searching for specific topics.

Pin Descriptions: Craft clear and keyword-rich descriptions for your pins, which helps Pinterest understand the content of your pins and rank them accordingly.

Hashtags: Use relevant hashtags to expand the reach of your pins and increase their visibility in hashtag searches.

Pin Titles: Give your pins descriptive and keyword-optimized titles to improve their chances of showing up in search results.

6. Collaborate with Influencers

Influencer marketing can be a powerful strategy for promoting your wholesale products on Pinterest. Partnering with influencers in your niche can help you reach a larger audience and build trust among potential buyers. Here are some steps to collaborate with influencers on Pinterest:

Identify Relevant Influencers: Look for influencers in your industry or niche who have a significant following and an engaged audience. Ensure their values align with your brand and products.

Reach Out and Offer Value: Contact influencers with a personalized pitch, offering them something of value in return for promoting your products. This could be a commission on sales, free products, or other incentives.

Create Joint Boards: Collaborate with influencers to create joint Pinterest boards where you both pin content related to your wholesale products. This helps to expose your products to the influencer's audience and vice versa.

Track Results: Monitor the performance of your joint boards and track the traffic and sales generated through the influencer collaboration.

7. Utilize Pinterest Ads

Pinterest offers advertising options that can significantly boost the visibility of your wholesale products. Pinterest Ads come in various formats, including Promoted Pins, Promoted Carousels, Promoted Videos, and more. Here's how to get started with Pinterest Ads:

Set Clear Objectives: Define your advertising goals, whether it's increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, or boosting sales.

Target Your Audience: Pinterest allows you to target your ads based on factors like interests, demographics, keywords, and even your website visitors.

Create Engaging Ad Content: Craft visually appealing ad creatives that align with your marketing objectives and resonate with your target audience.

Monitor and Optimize: Regularly monitor the performance of your ads and make adjustments as needed to maximize their effectiveness.

8. Run Pinterest Contests and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways can generate excitement and engagement around your wholesale products. Consider running Pinterest-specific contests to increase your followers and promote your products. Here's how you can do it effectively:

Choose the Prize: Select a prize that aligns with your wholesale products and will appeal to your target audience.

Decide on the Contest Type: Pinterest contests can take various forms, such as "Pin to Win," where users pin images from your website to enter the contest, or "Follow to Win," where participants follow your Pinterest account for a chance to win.

Create Visually Appealing Graphics: Design attention-grabbing graphics to promote the contest. Clearly outline the rules, entry requirements, and deadline.

Promote the Contest: Share the contest across your other social media platforms, email newsletter, and website to maximize participation.

Select and Announce the Winner: Once the contest is over, announce the winner on Pinterest and other channels, and consider offering a discount or exclusive offer to all participants as a thank-you gesture.

9. Analyze and Optimize

To ensure the success of your Pinterest marketing efforts, it's crucial to analyze your performance regularly. Pinterest Analytics provides valuable insights into how your pins and boards are performing, allowing you to identify which strategies are working and which ones need improvement. Key metrics to monitor include:

Impressions: The number of times your pins appeared on users' feeds.

Engagements: The total number of interactions with your pins, including clicks, saves, and close-ups.

Link Clicks: The number of clicks on pins that direct users to your website or product page.

Top Pins and Boards: Identify which pins and boards are driving the most engagement and traffic to your website.

Audience Insights: Understand the demographics and interests of your audience to tailor your content accordingly.

Use the insights gathered from Pinterest Analytics to optimize your strategy, refine your content, and better target your audience for improved results.


Pinterest can be a game-changer for marketing your wholesale products, providing an opportunity to reach a vast audience through visually compelling content. By following the strategies outlined in this article and leveraging Pinterest's unique features, you can enhance your brand visibility, attract potential buyers, and drive more traffic to your website or online store. Remember to stay consistent, experiment with different content formats, and keep up with the latest trends on Pinterest to stay ahead of the competition.

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