How To Make Money Buying And Selling Items From Goodwill


1. Discretion is key

Avoid revealing to people that you are buying something for resale. Do not
brag to them that you are earning money from a resale of items. Make sure you do
not wear your best outfit or appear privileged when going to Goodwill. Be an average
person and ensure you don’t show off your iPhone.

2. Scout

Once in a while, you are able to get great deals on retail stores.
However, to find best deals go to Goodwill outlet stores. Be regular when
scouting retail stores and even be more regular when scouting Goodwill outlet
stores. Scout out all the shelves, check all the bins, check underneath and
behind everything for hidden treasure and open all tins.

3. Patience pays

Goodwill outlet stores display new
goods every half an hour to two hours. This, however, depends on the number of
goods they have in storage and if the delivery vehicles have brought more
merchandise. It is very okay to wait on the side inside a Goodwill store for the next bin to be brought.

4. Aggression is important

When the store owners come out to take
away the old bin, make your way to the bin and keep a good spot to gain access
to the incoming bin. Do not be shy to get in the struggle and push your way to
get the quality goods when the new bins are brought.

5. Collect anything

The moment the new bins are brought,
secure a cart near you to the side and take anything that is of value. It does
not matter what it is, it just has to be sellable. The aim is to take as much
as possible.

6. Have a smartphone

Once you are done collecting goods, use your smartphone to
research the price of each item. If the item can sell at a profit, keep holding
it in your cart. If does not bring any profit, filter the goods back to the
bins. You can use the eBay application to look for completed listings. Ensure
the item is selling at a price that can make a profit.

7. Haggle

Some of the merchandise will have broken parts that will
require you to replace or fix. Asking for a lower price from the manager after revealing
the defect will reduce the price 95% of the time.

8. Stay within the budget

Typically avoid buying anything that you cannot make more
than $10 or $15 from. In case you overspend, your profit margins will decrease. Sell
high after buying low.

9. Test Electronics

In the section with electronics, you will find TVs, cameras,
game systems, computers, and DVD players. If you test and they work, then it is
a success. If you test and it fails, return the goods to the bin.

10. The bigger the better

The larger the item, the greater the sum of money that you
can potentially collect.

11. Take advantage of every sales channel available to you,
but make sure that you are using the most efficient
and profitable channel for the specific products
that you are selling.

For example, brand name Tahari dress might sell
better on eBay while a used Harvard economics
text book might sell better
on Amazon.

The above eleven tips will assist you to be successful in
selling goods from Goodwill retail stores. 

With the right luck and effort you will be able to to get 

quality goods at a cheaper price and sell at a higher price. 

Happy selling!!