How To Make Money In The Book Selling Business


Are you considering getting into the book selling business?

I am sure you have heard all those stories of people making a fortune by selling books on Amazon. While I am not seeking to discount any of those stories, it’s important to remember that we often only hear the stories of those who made money in the book business, as opposed to the stories of all the people sitting with storage rooms and garages stuffed with unsold books.

Like any business, the book selling business has plenty of potential, but also has its own share of inherent challenges. 

Below are some tips on how to make money by buying and selling books.

  1. Use book selling apps such as WeBuyBooks, BookScouter, and decluttr. These apps will help you sell your books to over 30 different book buying businesses.

  2. Amazon apps. You can use apps, such as Scoutify, Profit Bandit, and FBA Scan, to receive an estimate of the potential selling price of your book on Amazon. By using these apps you can determine if it will be profitable for you to buy a book and resell it through Amazon.

  3. Buy your books through wholesale sources such as and 

  4. Attend garage sales and yard sales. You can find decent books for as low as .25 each. 

  5. Check out library sales. 

  6. eBay. While everyone loves talking about Amazon, keep in mind that there is also a vibrant market for books on eBay.

  7. Call book stores and offer to buy their unsold and excess inventory. Make sure that you are buying at low enough prices to make money, and that you are purchasing books that sell at a decent rate.

  8. Focus on high end antique books and textbooks. Higher priced books might sell slowly, but the high profits that you can make on these books can be worth the extra time that you will be waiting to make a sale.