How To Make Money From A Woodworking Business


A passion for woodworking can be a fun and worthwhile way to create a profitable business. Sure, many woodworkers enjoy the accomplishment of knowing they are sharing their crafted creations with their customers. But, it doesn't hurt to get some recognition (and a little money!) just like any artist would with a brush. 

Woodworking is not an easy business to start. You need the right tools, knowledge, and creativity to build beautiful furniture. Nevertheless, there are many ways to get into this field. By narrowing down your focus, you can turn something you love into a money-making hobby. This article will set out to explore what a woodworking business is and how you can earn money from it! 

A woodworking company makes money from producing and selling wood products. The products could be large pieces of furniture (e.g. cabinets, dressers, or Adirondack chairs), or smaller items like wooden beer mugs, cutting boards, manual coffee grinders, smartphone holders, and even jewelry boxes. 

How Much Money Could A Woodworker Earn? 

Several factors determine a woodworker's salary, but experience is the greatest factor. Due to their lack of experience, beginners tend to earn less money making wooden furniture. More skilled woodworkers can make intricate details and complex furniture like wine racks and gliders. An individual capable of operating computer-generated furniture has a greater potential for earning income. Read on for a tip on how to get over 16,000 woodworking plans that would aid in increasing your ability to create more intricate designs.  

Statista estimates that the global furniture market will be worth $574 billion by 2020. Demand for wood products is expected to last until 2025. Woodworkers generate an average annual wage of $31,550 or $15.17 per hour, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. High school diplomas or equivalent are usually required for woodworking shops. To be truly successful in this industry, studying your craft and training is essential. 

What Would You Need To Get Started? 

Stamina and Physical Strength Are Needed To Start A Woodworking Business 

Woodworkers work in an environment where hardwood is sawed, heavy items are lifted, and tools such as jigsaws and power drills are used. Almost all tools required for this job require labor. This field requires a lot of labor for the entire day, so you should be able to handle it. 

This does not mean that only men can be woodworkers, however. Female woodworkers can start woodworking businesses and create online shops with great success, such as Ariele Alasko.  

Mechanical Skills 

It is important for you to have technical and mechanical skills in order to work in this field. The blueprints used by woodworkers contain the design, measurements, and instructions. It is also important that you are able to follow woodworking directions efficiently. The woodworker should also be able to operate hand tools such as screwdrivers and wrenches.  

Have An Understanding of Math And Pays Keen Attention To Details 

Woodworkers work with measurements. Imagine the horror of making a mistake by cutting the wrong wood or measuring the wrong way. The wood you waste becomes a loss to your company since it is your main product. When it comes to woodworking, the ability to pay attention to detail and have a working knowledge of mathematics is just as important as dexterity. 

There are many ways you can earn from a woodworking business. However, the top 3 ways are: 

  1. Restoring & Flipping Furniture 

As a woodworker, flipping furniture is a good way to make money. This side hustle involves acquiring broken or old furniture for a low cost (or free) and restoring it. Your restored furniture can be sold and earned money, or you can use it at home for great savings after restoration. It requires you to have an eye for items that are broken but can be repaired. 

Many people aren't aware that older or broken furniture can be repaired with just some tools. Simple scratches, for instance, can easily be repaired with a scratch repair kit or by using a pecan nut. Having your own workshop and materials makes this an ideal side hustle. On the subject of furniture, refinishable items are available on Freecycle, the free section of Craigslist, and even from people remodeling or moving out.  

It takes a lot of practice to know how to spot good furniture and if you are experienced in woodworking, you would be much better at flipping furniture. The projects will give beginners more opportunities to learn. Work hard until you are capable of repairing furniture that you can sell.  

  1. Making Rustic Furniture  

Even if you don't admit it, rustic furniture or furniture made from logs or twigs has an inexplicable appeal. It usually consists of simple designs and is typically found in cabins: tables, chairs, etc. Its old, ratty look and durable finish are what attract a lot of buyers. Oftentimes, these types of furniture last for decades. 




You do not have to wait decades for those rustic looks that are so popular today. Carving, painting, and distressing techniques can be used to recreate the ragged look of rustic furniture. If you want your wood to have that rustic look, you should paint it with dark colors and use a lint-free cloth to remove any damage that may naturally occur. 

Woodworking plans also come in really handle when creating these designs. Read on for a tip on how to get over 16,000 woodworking plans that would aid in increasing your ability to create more intricate designs.  

  1. Create Customized Furniture  

Customers have different furniture needs: some want a sofa set for a family room, a sturdy table to serve as a dining table, a cabinet to serve as a cabinet, or perhaps the Command Chair from Star Trek. Pre-made products don't appeal to everyone; some like to design their own custom-designed furniture or have a replica of their favorite TV shows/movies.  

Having a workshop already makes setting up a customized furniture shop more convenient. Advertising both online and offline is important for your business. You never know who has been looking for a woodworker to design their own furniture. This has the benefit of allowing you to show off other works and designs while advertising. Art shows and fairs are great ways to start showing your work in person. While store platforms like Etsy and Amazon offer online marketplaces to sell your creations. 

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