How To Make Money From Home During The Coronavirus Closures


The following ideas can potentially be profitable for those that have had to close their businesses and now are looking to make money from home.

1. Sell your unwanted items on eBay. You would be surprised at how valuable your unwanted items might be.

2. Buy and resell merchandise on eBay. You can purchase bulk lots on eBay, and then resell the items from the lot in smaller, or individual, quantities. 

3. Try doing eBay arbitrage. 

Arbitrage is the process of buying an item in one market, and then reselling it at a higher price in the same, or in another, market. 

eBay arbitrage essentially involves buying underpriced products that are being sold on the auction site, and then listing those products right back on eBay, but at higher prices. 

To maximize your chances of selling the products at higher prices, you will need to take better pictures and write a better description than the ones used in the original auction listings. 

4. Start an Amazon FBA business. Find a wholesaler that has products that you can sell on Amazon, place an order, and have the wholesale supplier ship the items directly to one of Amazon's warehouses. Amazon will accept payment and process the orders on your behalf. 

5. Join the Amazon Associates program. By joining the program you will become an affiliate of Amazon.

On your website you will place product links to various Amazon products.You will receive a commission when a visitor clicks on a link and then proceeds to buy products on Amazon. 

The commission that Amazon will pay you can be as low as 1% of the purchase price of the items. 

6. Join the Google Adsense program. 

You will place an html code on your website. This code will cause ads to appear on your site. The ads that will be visible on your site are created by advertisers in the Google Adwords program.The ads will match the content of your website, or be based on the search history of your visitors. 

When a visitor clicks on an ad, you will receive approximately 55% of the amount that the advertiser paid for the ad. Generally speaking, you can make anywhere from .01 to $5 every time a visitor clicks on one of the ads on your site.

7. Join the Clickbank affiliate program. 

Clickbank is a marketplace through which downloadable content and memberships are sold. If you direct visitors to a product sold through, and they make a purchase, you can receive a commission of up to 75% of the purchase price. You can see ebooks and memberships being sold for up to $100, and sometimes even for a few hundred dollars.

For example, for the last few years I have been an affiliate of this handbag directory. I earn approximately $17.65 every time a person clicks on my affiliate link and purchases the directory.

8. Create YouTube videos. 

You can create informative and entertaining videos. Once you have created a video, you can upload it to YouTube. You can make money by using the video to direct people to your website, or by having YouTube place Adsense ads on your video. When a person clicks on an ad that appears on your video, you will receive a commission based on the cost of the ad to the advertiser. 

You can see my YouTube channel at:

9. You can create courses and upload them to

You can decide how much you would like to charge for your courses. I would recommend that you charge as much as you believe that your knowledge is worth.

People's perceptions about your course will be influenced by how much you charge for your course. The higher the price that you charge, the higher the perceived value will be of your course.

10. Offer consulting services.

If you have developed an area of expertise, then you certainly have valuable information and insights that you can offer to people.

Provided that you can demonstrate the importance and value of your knowledge base, people will gladly pay for your guidance. 

11. Publish content on your area of expertise. You can publish this content on your own website, and then make money through affiliate programs or by using the Google Adsense program. 

12. Get paid to write content for other people's websites. To command a high rate for your writing services, you will need to demonstrate good writing and research skills. 

You can offer your writing services through 

13. Become a freelancer. You can offer your skills and knowledge through freelance websites such as  and

You can offer various services such as, writing, editing, proofreading, graphic design work, video production, video editing, product research, and more.

14. Online tutoring. You can offer your tutoring services on Facebook, or through a website like

15. Publish your own book or ebook. Amazon has two free self publishing programs, their print on demand service and their Kindle direct publishing service for ebooks. 

Once you have created your book through Amazon's self publishing programs, you will see your book on, and everytime a copy is sold, you will receive royalties.

You can also use publishing software to create your own ebooks. 

I hope that this information proves to be valuable and useful to you.