How To Liquidate The Contents Of Your Boutique


There comes a time when you will want to liquidate the contents of your boutique.

The decision to liquidate your boutique might be the result of having excess inventory that simply isn’t moving, or due to a downturn in the economy that forces you to have to close your boutique.

As the owner of a wholesale business in New York, I have helped many local boutique owners liquidate their merchandise.

Before I proceed, while I will list plenty of helpful information below, I am always happy to personally try to help you. You can reach out to me by calling me at 1-917-913-6093, or by sending me an email to 

8 Strategies For Liquidating Your Boutique

  1. Run an escalating sale, in which every week you offer a higher discount. Customers will be attracted by the lowering of prices, and will be encouraged to buy by the excitement that your sale generates, and by your especially low prices.

  2. Contact your competitors and offer your merchandise to them at below the regular wholesale price. You need to offer the merchandise at below the regular wholesale price so that your competitors will be incentivized to buy from you, instead of from their wholesalers.

  3. List the contents of your store on Craigslist. 

  4. Set up an eBay auction in which you offer your merchandise in wholesale and bulk lots.

  5. Give your merchandise to consignment stores. The consignment stores can sell your merchandise for you, in exchange for a commission.

  6. Hire an auctioneer to auction off the contents of your store. Although the bids might be relatively low at an auction, at least you will have a pretty good chance of selling out all of the contents of your store.

  7. Contact wholesalers that specialize in the type of merchandise that you carry. A wholesaler, such as myself, can make you a reasonable offer and take all of your merchandise in one shot.

  8. List your merchandise for sale through, a wholesale auction website.