How To Import Wholesale Jewelry From China



How To Import Jewelry From China


The following information should give you a comprehensive understanding of how to import fashion jewelry from China, including how to choose products, how to find suitable suppliers, and solutions to some common problems. In this product guide, we explain what you need to know about buying ODM (Private Label) and OEM (Custom Design) jewelry from Chinese and other Asian manufacturers. If you also plan to start a jewelry business or have difficulties importing jewelry from China, this article will tell you how to wholesale/import jewelry from China in bulk and overcome all difficulties.

In addition to visiting the Chinese wholesale market and online procurement service providers, you can also visit China Expo to find reliable jewelry wholesale suppliers. If you plan to import jewelry from China, any of the above three methods of finding suppliers will definitely help you. However, if you are coming to China for the first time or are new to the Chinese wholesale market, I strongly recommend that you find a reliable agent to take you to the wholesale market or jewelry exhibition to find a supplier.

If you are also considering importing goods from China, it is always advisable and advisable to seek help from a reliable and trustworthy supplier company. Like Import Agent China, which is the best purchasing company in China and has the best import-export agent. Our services are out of the ordinary and prices are based on your convenience.

I constantly research the market and customer needs to highlight new fashions and trends in Western and Korean jewelry accessories and related products. There are many suppliers on the market, so let's take a look at the different jewelry importers and what they can get.

You can surf Alibaba, Dhgate, Globalsource, or Made in China to find reliable jewelry suppliers. However, if you go directly to China looking for a jewelry supplier, you can check the product yourself and choose the style and quality you want. But that doesn't stop you from finding the right wholesale jewelry suppliers. Most suppliers can offer extensive catalogs of jewelry parts directly or through subcontractors.

If you intend to design your jewelry using ODM parts, you may want to consider purchasing these parts directly from the manufacturer rather than assembled samples. Since quality problems during jewelry making tend to occur during the manufacturing of the parts rather than in the subsequent assembly phase, you should consider hiring an inspector as soon as the parts arrive at the factory.

There will be some defects such as scratches during the assembly and packaging process, so the final pre-sale inspection is required when importing jewelry from China. Therefore, if you want to import fashion jewelry to China, you need to make sure that the goods you order have been licensed, otherwise such problems will be avoided. In addition, there are other problems with jewelry that make it a little more complicated than other products. The following are some of the main problems that may arise when importing fashion jewelry from China.

Customs are prone to scrutinizing imported precious jewelry and improperly labeled precious jewelry may be seized. For diamonds and diamond jewelry, customs clearance can only be done by an authorized customs broker at the Shanghai Diamond Exchange. Jewelry Gold or gold jewelry requires an import license from the Bank of China.

In addition to this, especially for the electrocardiograph, the importer must provide China with compulsory certification and automatic import license. Electrical Products For electrical and electronic products, the China Inspection and Quarantine (CIQ) requires the importer to provide China Compulsory Certification (CCC) and consignments are subject to mandatory quarantine inspection. Televisions Receiver must provide China Compulsory Certification and Auto Import License. E-cigarette / vaping Importing e-cigarettes is totally unacceptable as China is NOT a * ISC approved country or territory. 

Customs will impose duties and taxes on the number of units in excess of the limit set by the Chinese import and export tariff regulations. This requirement does not currently apply to Shanghai and North China. Some importers require their suppliers to sign a nondisclosure / nondisclosure, nondisclosure / nondisclosure and circumvention agreement, which ensures that the supplier does not sell or even recommend selected designs or products to other importers who purchase jewelry. wholesale for resale. Generally speaking, only major jewelry manufacturers in China can work with them to meet their various jewelry import and manufacturing needs.

One of the most important steps to building a successful online business as a jewelry importer is finding a reputable supplier that cannot provide you with only the best products. China's jewelry industry is so developed that almost all jewelry accessories can be found in the Yiwu international wholesale market. Most jewelry buyers choose factory standard components rather than OEM (custom made) parts. The procedure for wholesale jewelry import from China is in high demand on the Internet, but there is not enough information on how to do it.

From the emails we received, it was clear that people wanted to know how to get jewelry accessories from China and which suppliers are the best. A few months ago, many customers asked for help in importing jewelry from China via email. If we can help them buy and import jewelry from China to their countries.

You can always find unique jewelry if you take the time to wander around the different market stalls. If you are shopping for clothing or electronics in the Guangzhou market (here is a guide to importing electronic goods from China), then I suggest you explore the Guangzhou jewelry market. What makes Guangzhou preferable is that they offer the best quality jewelry accessories and enhance it by being the most specialized in China. China, which is one of the largest sales markets, is a dream country for the jewelry business.

If you are not shopping online and want to find suppliers of fashion accessories, the best way to visit some of the jewelry fairs is to fly directly to China. There are three main websites in China where the best selling fashion jewelry can be found. Jewelry made in China has many categories and I divide them as follows by type and production area. Most of the goods made in China, like jewelry, have their own place of origin.

All of these factors influence the questions we receive from our import clients, some of which include how to identify and select jewelry accessories that match their positioning, how to negotiate prices with a factory or wholesaler, how to conduct quality checks and how to organize the right shipping company and shipping schedule. They tend to choose recycled products that are still durable and of good quality, as if the supplier ultimately made the mistake of making a particular order. They also gravitate towards products that remain unsold in factories or are not sold to the latter two supplier categories for whatever reason.