How To Import Office Wear For Your Boutique


Retailers that cater to the office wear market, such as stores that sell clothing to bankers in Nigeria, or government employees in the Bahamas, need to stand out in the marketplace. The best way to have unique professional apparel, is for a retailer to import her clothing directly from China, Turkey, or the United States. By importing clothing, or even better, having clothing designed based on a proprietary design, a store can have an exclusive product offering.

You can import wholesale office outfits by attaching to international manufacturers and also designers. If your neighborhood market is saturated with the same wholesale office outfits, simply put, every store is offering basically the exact same clothing, you will want to start importing office wear from various other nations. Or you could wish to simply follow this course simply to make your store unique by establishing a track record for carrying international developers. Before you start putting orders you would certainly intend to evaluate the local market by showing your clients pictures of the office clothing, and preferably, reveal them samples of what you are planning on selling. If the brands you will be generating to your shop are globally recognized, such as Calvin Klein, Tahari, or R & M Richards, it will certainly help your sales a good deal. However bear in mind that the styles are very important, since you do not intend to remain in a situation where although you may have a stunning choice, the styles are too traditional or fancy for your customer base. The following suggestions can be made use of to engage in the process of importing professional clothing for women, for your boutique.

Suggestion # 1.

Use wholesale niche internet directories such as,, and, to find office wear dealers. You can then speak to the providers straight and also acquire example photos and also summaries of their inventory. Find out if the suppliers have clients in your country, because that will certainly be an excellent indicator if their apparel will be prominent with your shoppers. You need to collaborate with a gown dealer that has repeat customers in your nation, because he will know the type of clothing that remains in need in your area. His knowledge can be quite beneficial specifically if you are not there to choose the clothes in person.

Suggestion # 2.

Visit the office wear display room or factory personally. The benefit of flying in and seeing the goods on your own, is that you can select the real products that you want, providing yourself a much better chance of earning money.

You can also take a checklist with you of your clients as well as match the wear of the storehouse to the style and also size needs of the women that acquire in your boutique.

Make sure that the factory has produced, and can produce, the type of office wear that your customers expect. You need to ensure that the factory can produce clothes that meet your customer’s size, style, and color, preferences.

You can also purchase pallets of department store overstock office clothing, this way you can obtain brand name clothes at a fraction of the original retail price. The challenge with this option is that when you import a pallet of clothing, you cannot specify the brands, styles, or sizes. An overstock pallet will generally give you a wide variety of different brands, styles, colors, and sizes. For example, my wholesale business,, carries department store pallets that can have dresses and suits by brands such as Nine West, Le Suit, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Arianna Appel, and brands by other leading designers.

Suggestion # 3.

Get in touch with freight forwarders that specialize in global shipping. Shipping prices of freight forwarders such as Corporate Messengers, Tropical Shipping, and Brady Cargo, are generally lower than the prices charged by international shipping companies such as FedEx or DHL. Due to the fact that the cost to ship clothes can stand for a considerable expense, the financial savings as a result of making use of the services of a price cut carrier can be terrific.

Suggestion #4.

You can work with an overseas buyer’s agent, or manufacturer’s representative, that specializes in sourcing apparel for foregin buyers. While you can also travel yourself to a foreign countries, a reliable buyer’s agent can save you time and money. If you do use the services of a buyer’s agent, you need to be very clear in ensuring that you both understand each other’s expectations, and the fees should be very clear.