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Whether you have a store, or a child who is heading back to school, Pleasant Prairie Premium Outlets have the kids' clothes and shoes you'll come across in life. At Pleasant Prairie Premium Outlets, you'll find incredible discounts on quality athletic, casual and fashion footwear and other accessories. Pleasant Prairie Premium Outlets has several stores specializing in popular skin care products, cosmetics, fragrances and other designer beauty products.

Plus, Pleasant Prairie Premium Outlets features a hat-trick of American sportswear designers with Polo Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger stores, each offering their own take on well-made American fashion. Whatever your daydream shopping, you are sure to find something to enjoy at Pleasant Prairie Premium Outlets, conveniently located close to comfortable hotels. For many retailers, and shoppers, who looking for deals and discounts, shopping malls are the best place to be. But while you can get great deals in malls, the real deals aren't always obvious.

There are many items in stores that are meant to be sold at lower prices than retail, but that doesn't mean none of them are good deals, says Erica Mays, a fashion expert. And branded products originally intended for regular retail may not meet normal brand standards. And, if you're good with weekend sales, bargaining shopping in the mall for good quality items can save you money compared to paying for lower quality items at retail outlets. But the truth is that many outlets are pricing their products cheaper than their retail counterparts because their quality is also cheaper.

You think you are getting a big discount on full price items when you are actually getting a lower quality imitation. They know that shoppers in malls are looking for bargains and are more likely to buy something if the price is low, so they often announce sales even if the prices are not very low. Some stores offer discounts that are not advertised, so if you're curious about a particular store, give them a call and ask what discounts they offer - you might be surprised to learn that stores offer discounts of 50% or more based on prices that have already been reduced.

Or go to the mall's management office to receive a coupon for additional savings on purchases at participating stores. Outlet items are already off 25% to 65% off, and many stores offer special promotions and coupons throughout the year to help you save even more. For example, Premium Outlets has a VIP Shopper Club with additional in-store discounts. Many brand stores offer coupons that can be folded at a reduced or discounted price, allowing you to save an additional 10% to 50%.

You can also use the Coupon Sherpa mobile coupon app on your smartphone to enjoy discounts at Banana Republic Factory Store, J Crew Factory Store, Adidas Outlet and other stores. Popular holiday weekends such as Labor Day, Columbus Day, and Memorial Day are the best time to shop in the mall, as you will find store-wide promotions offering additional discounts of 30% to 50% at discounted prices. One way to ensure you make the most of your retail store is to plan your shopping trip around the hottest holiday sales like Black Friday. Due to the fierce competition between mainstream shopping malls and other stores at the entrance of tourists, they tend to give discounts to the public, issue coupons and provide new products.

The good news is that shopping at a point of sale saves you time and money. There is no doubt that you will find many benefits if you shop strategically at the outlet, on weekdays and off-season. If a branded retail store has outlets in every mall in the country, such as the Gap or Banana Republic, it is best to assume that their labeled items are more likely to be damaged, broken, or defective in some way, or the brands are producing merchandise for their outlets. 

Buying from a store with fewer outlets gives you a better chance of finding a rough diamond. Buyers looking for bargains at any time of the year will look to the point of sale first to save 50% to 70% of the product's total retail price. The state's retail outlet is likely to have over 100 stores with a selection of top retail and designer brands including Kate Spade, Coach, Banana Republic, Gap, Nike and more.

When assessing the best season for outlet shopping, it is all about savings. Find out how to tell a real good deal from a bad deal and save even more with these outlet shopping tips. You can access the online outlet mall's store directory to plan your shopping route in advance and find the best parking spot.

POS outlets items are often of lower quality than POS items. While some retailers use different brands and labels to differentiate between products made exclusively for retail outlets, others do not. Because of this, consumers are unable to determine the quality of branded products in a store. And even if the suggested retail prices were the same as those found in retail stores, you would still be comparing the discounted price of cheap knockoffs with the full price of a genuine branded item.

Visit the full price store before leaving to experience the quality of the full price items. Please note that in-store items may differ in quality from full-price retail stores. Typically, if the brand has both retail outlets and retail stores, the coupon must be labeled “point of sale” or “factory” so that it can be used at the point of sale. Sometimes what you think is a Gap Outlet coupon is actually a Gap coupon, a completely different store.

When a point of sale is being built, developers require tenants under leases to sell a certain percentage of the merchandise at a discount relative to retail prices in the store. Historically, outlets have offered excess inventory and slightly damaged items that retailers could not sell in regular retail stores. A long time ago, when you walked into a retail outlet, you received factory overflows, unsold items, out of season items, and damaged items that were once hung in a retail store. Currently, retailers have several "outlets" in all major US metropolitan areas and even overseas, so they have to fill their shelves with something.

Whenever the season changes, chances are you will be able to find great deals at the brand store. Out of season it is recommended to shop at the company store.

They both check prices at the store you are in, nearby brick-and-mortar stores, and online stores to make sure you are getting the best deal, with or without a giant trading tag. That's why most retail outlets are located on the outskirts of tourist cities and at least 30 miles from retail stores, according to Consumer Reports magazine, which conducted a reader poll last year, in which 60% of respondents were satisfied with their retail experience.