How To Get Celebrities To Wear Your Wholesale Brand


Many popular wholesale brands skyrocketed once they were able to have a celebrity wear their clothing. 

Brands such as Calvin Klein, DKNY, Ralph Lauren, and Michal Kors, love when a celebrity wears one of their dresses on the red carpet of a movie premier. Many brands will give famous people their clothing for free, and even pay them to wear their clothes, in hopes of gaining publicity for their name.

As information continues to play an integral role in the success of different companies, advertisement has emerged as a major factor driving business success. Advertising a brand provides the target market with information on the products provided by that brand. Celebrity advertising is one of the most effective methods of advertising. A study conducted by Solomon Michelle established that about 20% of the brand advertisements in the United States involve celebrities. Having a celebrity in an advertisement increases the effectiveness of the ad as it attracts more viewers, readers or listeners. Moreover, celebrity advertising also builds the credibility of a brand as the target consumers are convinced of the quality of the product or service that they receive from a company. However, the question of how to get celebrities to wear your brand is one that provides a challenge to many companies.

There are several steps that you should follow in getting a celebrity to wear your brad. Firstly, you should identify the target market. It is very important that the celebrity selected should attract more members of the target market. A celebrity does not create any traction for the target customers would not increase the your brand's sales. For example, if the target market for the product is women over 50 years, then it would not be effective to employ the services of a current NBA star as a brand ambassador as the target consumers would not identify with and relate to the celebrity selected.

Secondly, the company should study the celebrity. This would involve determining the level of influence that the celebrity has in the target group. For a startup or a middle level company, it might not be practical to pursue the services of an A-list celebrity. However, the company should select a celebrity who has extensive influence in the target group and who also has popular social media following. It is very important that the celebrity should have great social media following as this could act as an additional form of advertisement for the company. For clothing brands, the level of following that a celebrity has on social media sites like twitter and Instagram is a great determinant of the effectiveness of the celebrity advertising.

Selecting a celebrity that would be an ideal match for your company can be daunting and time consuming. however, you can use the help of a celebrity matching service provider. Celebrity matching service providers analyze your organization based on your mission, vision and size of the company. The service provider then analyzes a list of celebrities to determine which celebrity would be best suited to work as a brand ambassador for your company. However, it is still the responsibility of your company to decide whether or not to contact the celebrity that the celebrity matching service provider recommends.

Thirdly, communicate with the celebrity. After selecting a celebrity, your company should make personal contact with the celebrity. The company can approach the celebrity through their social media account or through phone calls. Many non-A-list celebrities maintain their own social media accounts and would be easy to contact. The company should then set up a meeting with the celebrity so as to agree on the terms of the partnership. For example, during the meeting, your company could agree to an endorsement deal where you could pay the celebrity an agreed upon amount of money to wear shoes or clothes produced by your brand. In turn, the celebrity would agree to wear your clothes or shoes in social gatherings, to post photos while wearing your clothes or shoes in their social media page or to take part in an advertisement of your product.

This can be an effective strategy for you, whether you are an up and coming designer in the New York Fashion District, or are a retailer in the Caribbean looking to introduce a new clothing brand in Trinidad.

And remember, celebrities want to wear nice clothes just like the rest of us!