How to Get Approved to Sell Toys on Amazon in 2021


If you've been wondering how to get approved to sell toys on Amazon, this article is for you. In it we'll discuss Age-appropriate criteria for selling toys, requirements for safety data sheets, and whether or not CE marking is still accepted in the UK. We'll also cover how to make sure your product meets the safety requirements set by Amazon. In the meantime, enjoy browsing the information provided below!

Age-appropriate criteria for selling toys on Amazon

Listed below are the age-appropriate criteria for selling toys on Amazon in 2021. The criteria for toys vary by holiday season, but they are similar to those for selling books, clothing, and games. If your product does not fit into the age-appropriate category, you will likely have problems getting approved next year. The best way to avoid these problems is to identify the gender of your product.

Requirements for safety data sheets

When it comes to getting approval for selling toys on Amazon, manufacturers need to be aware of the regulations governing safety data sheets. The UK Government has issued guidance for safety data sheets and has announced that UKCA and CE markings will be accepted for toys sold in the UK until January 2022. However, Amazon has yet to announce which safety data sheet requirements apply to toys. For now, Amazon's policy is based on seller-fulfilled orders, and orders Fulfilled by Amazon do not need to be reviewed by the seller.

CE marking will still be accepted in the UK

The new regulation is being introduced on 16th July, 2021 and will make CE marking mandatory for all products sold in Europe. Exempted from the new rule are medical devices, cableway installations, explosives for civil use and kettles. Manufacturers selling CE-marked products will need to meet strict safety standards and carry the contact details of an authorised representative. The CE-mark can be displayed on the product's packaging or accompanying document.

Ensure that your product meets Amazon's safety requirements

To be approved to sell toys on the Amazon Marketplace, your product must comply with the Toy Safety Directive. It must contain the correct warnings and instructions for children, as well as be marked with the correct safety label. As a Vendor, your product can pass the Amazon's compliance tests more quickly than a Seller. To get approved to sell toys on Amazon, you must submit relevant documents such as safety data sheets and safety instructions. You must be a member of a professional association and possess a legal business license.

Create an offer to sell toys on Amazon

If you want to create an offer to sell toys on Amazon, you must meet certain requirements to be considered for this program. To be eligible for this program, you must have sold your first item on Amazon before September 19 and made at least 25 seller-fulfilled orders before October 31. Besides that, you must have a low cancellation rate of less than 1.75% for the first year. However, before September 19 you must have sold at least 25 items and have a 1% late shipment fee.

Brand restrictions on Amazon

As a seller, you can get into the lucrative toy business on Amazon if you can meet the brand restrictions. During the holiday season, Amazon restricts the sale of toys and games. To sell them on Amazon, you have to meet the requirements for merchant fulfillment and have a product with a child safety certification. The brand restrictions vary according to age groups. The following are some common brand restrictions:

Category restrictions on Amazon

If you are looking to sell toys on Amazon, you've probably noticed that the toys category has a few restrictions. These restrictions apply only to orders placed by merchants. For products placed by Amazon itself, these restrictions do not apply. Despite this fact, Amazon wants to protect its customers by ensuring that its products are of a high quality. However, these restrictions are likely to make it difficult for new sellers to succeed. They may be unable to sell the toys they create or sell due to the restrictions.

Applying to sell toys on Amazon

If you're considering selling toys on Amazon, you must make sure you meet all the requirements. In addition to meeting the minimum selling thresholds, you should check your metrics and customer ratings to make sure you're on track to make it to the top of the list. The holiday season is a popular time for brands to sell toys on Amazon, so you should be aware of any Q4 holiday sales requirements. Although these requirements may seem difficult, keep in mind that there are exceptions.