How To Find Wholesale Display Rooms In New York


New York is one of the world’s top destinations for wholesale buyers. Although much of the manufacturing that once took place in the New York Fashion District has gone overseas, you can still find plenty of wholesale vendors in Manhattan, as well as in the surrounding boroughs.

When it comes to purchasing wholesale, you will usually deal with wholesalers that have a showroom, or display room, either attached to, or separate, from the actual warehouse that holds their inventory. 

Due to the high cost of space in New York, you will even find wholesalers that have their offices in Manhattan, but have their warehouses in Florida or New Jersey, where the rent per square foot is a lot lower than it is in NY.

Wholesale display rooms are ideal places to discover good deals on merchandise for your shop. They can supply a wonderful choice of items and also rates that can provide you a solid earnings margin. But situating these showrooms can be a difficulty, specifically if you are opening a new shop, or are just starting out as an Amazon FBA or FBM seller. A wholesale display room is a workplace or little gallery where a seller provides his items to customers.

They can be a fantastic resource for wholesale deals because they normally represent the direct resource of the product. The actual supply is often stored in a real storage facility which may also be situated in a various state or nation. For instance, many garment makers From China and Pakistan will have showrooms in New York where their clothes are presented. When an order is positioned, the factory will ship the boxes by air or sea depending on the client's demand. You can utilize the tips listed below to find display rooms.

Tip # 1.

Open up your neighborhood yellow pages. You would be surprised at the number of suppliers who still rely on their neighborhood printed phone directory to create leads for their company.

Suggestion # 2.

Search the Web for producers. You can compile a listing by utilizing Google or an industry focused search engine. 

You can try using free and paid wholesale sites such as,,,, and is a site geared specifically to connecting buyers to vendors who are located within the New York Fashion District.

You can also book a tour of the NY Fashion District through or

As soon as you have the contact details of a supplier, call them and request for the area of where you can view their production. Commonly you will certainly find that a business structure will certainly house lots of display rooms since makers recognize that merchants will certainly be visiting the location, so take your time exploring throughout the building and bordering buildings.

Remember to ask vendors to refer you to other suppliers that they are familiar with. Vendors will be able to refer you to another supplier, since they will want to generate goodwill with you and the other wholesaler, and can potentially receive a referral fee, or at least a tip, from both parties.

Suggestion # 3.

Call trade organizations that can connect you with designers that create the type of merchandise that you want. Participants pay these organizations to generate leads for them, so they will certainly be happy to direct you to the wholesale display rooms that you are trying to find. These trade organizations know that members, whether suppliers, designers, or manufacturers, will only continue to pay their dues if they can benefit from having a membership; therefore, these associations will be happy to refer you to their member vendors who wholesale the products that you are looking for.