How to Find Out What Antiques Are Selling on eBay


The internet is a gold mine of information about all kinds of antiques. If you're unsure of what's selling on eBay, you can join a collectors' club and learn a lot. If you want to know what's selling on eBay, you can use an accurate description to find similar items. The more detailed the description, the more you'll be able to learn about the antique.

Items from the 20's and 30's

Vintage magazines have long been hot items for collectors, but recent popularity of vintage issues has led to a glut of reprints. Volume I, No's 2 and 4 from 1922 were once priced at $150 apiece. In 2013, however, they were selling in the $20 range, suggesting that sellers were tired of listing these magazines. And what's more, they're not aware of the real value of these vintage publications.

Ceramic head vases

It is possible to buy a ceramic head vase for a few hundred dollars, but these are not as common as their adult counterparts. Some collectors are willing to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for an attractive head vase. The same is true for more valuable pieces. There are head vases available for as little as $50, but the value of these collectibles will vary, especially since they are reproductions.

A common variation is the Glamour Girl vase, which is made of heavier ceramic and can stand anywhere from four to seven inches tall. It features a deigned lady face with hair and hat sculpted into the vase. These head vases were often decorated with jewelry separate from the molded vase. While these head vases have a certain retro appeal, their value and desirability is rather low.

Vintage board games

If you are into collecting old board games, you've probably wondered what's selling on eBay. Vintage board games are becoming increasingly popular, and you can get some serious money for them. The older the game is, the higher the price will be. Many of the older games aren't available in stores anymore, so you'll probably have to find a vintage version. However, there are also many reproductions of these older games available on websites like Etsy.

Before you decide to sell your vintage board game, it's important to do your research. First, determine whether the game is valuable. Is it a rare edition? If so, check whether it's in good condition. If you do have a valuable vintage board game, you'll probably be able to sell it for a decent price. Vintage board games often come with special themes, so it's worth keeping your eye out for these.