How to Find Goodwill Wholesale Pallets


To get a pallet full of resale items from a charity, you need to know the process of what to look for. The unprocessed merchandise includes new with tags, damaged merchandise, and even a few boxes filled with product. A pallet full of unprocessed merchandise is perfect for swapmeets and yard sales, because it can't be shipped. It also can't be left behind because it must be moved.

Merchandise Liquidators

If you're looking to sell your goods for a low price, consider purchasing pallets from a Goodwill Wholesale Merchandise distributor. These companies sell pallets at discounted prices and offer truckloads to customers in need. You can purchase the pallets you need for a fraction of their original cost, and you'll benefit from the fact that they have excellent quality. It's also easy to arrange pickups of the pallets you need from a liquidator near you.

The liquidation industry has experienced a huge turnaround since 2008, when the recession struck. More liquidators have stepped into the business. Goodwill and the Salvation Army were already heavily involved in the liquidation business, but now, more companies are entering it. Major retailers are holding back more merchandise because of tighter inventory requirements. This means they are holding on to less-than-stellar returns instead of loading them on pallets for liquidators. The benefits of these retailers for Minnesota businesses are immense. Jacobs Trading and Event Sales are two of the largest players in the liquidation industry.

Another source of pallets is Jackpot Wholesale Pallets, which will open a distribution facility in Rockingham, North Carolina, in mid-August. This company buys in bulk from major retailers like Home Depot, Target, and Lowe's Home Improvement. This means that you can buy items for an affordable price, and get a variety of items at a very low cost. In recent months, Jackpot Wholesale Pallets has been purchasing 300 to 400 pallets weekly, and their prices are extremely competitive with other distributors.

The next step in buying a pallet from a Goodwill Wholesale Merchant is to find one in your area. The last thing you want is to get ripped off. A high percentage of goods on a pallet will be too damaged to sell. Before buying a pallet from a Goodwill Wholesale Merchandise Liquidators, be sure to check out their Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile, customer reviews, and testimonials to determine their reputation.

Quick Lotz

Whether you are a retailer looking to expand your inventory or a DIYer looking for inexpensive, high-quality pallets, Quick Lotz Goodwill Wholesale Pallets may have just what you need. As the name suggests, they specialize in liquidation merchandise and sell it in bulk quantities. Their inventory consists of name-brand goods that have been returned to the company. They also offer cheap and fast delivery. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned veteran of the wholesale pallet industry, you're sure to find something that suits your needs.

In addition to its wholesale pallets, Quicklotz also offers a self-serve kiosk system, which can be located in parking lots around the country. These kiosks allow customers to buy last-minute items, groceries, and gas at affordable prices. With locations nationwide, Quicklotz has become a reputable wholesale distributor in the United States and provides quality items at low prices. With their self-serve kiosks, customers can easily shop for everything they need without feeling pressured into making a purchase.

Another way to purchase Quicklotz pallets is by buying them at a local auction or at the company's warehouse. These items are typically shipped to small businesses across the country. They can be purchased in bulk and truckloads, and they are priced reasonably. Regardless of the amount, the quality of the pallets is excellent and you'll save a lot of money. However, the best part about Quicklotz is the selection and price.

Amazon returns pallets

If you're looking for business inventory, then Amazon returns pallets are an excellent option. They can be purchased through the Amazon liquidation auction platform, and registered business buyers can bid on full truckloads of overstock inventory. There are over 50 locations in the US, and the liquidation auction is conducted by auction. However, you won't be able to see the pallets unless you're registered.

These return pallets are often high-quality items that are in great condition. You'll be able to find a wide variety of items, from baby clothes to designer apparel. They're priced below retail, and they're an excellent alternative to removing your inventory from your store. Once you've sold them, the remaining items can be re-sold or used as a source of income.

Amazon return pallets are sold as a way to increase your profits. They are cheap and easy to buy. You'll have a variety of products to sell, including clothing, electronics, and beauty items. Typical return pallets contain 84 different items, each with a suggested retail price. These pallets are perfect for your business, and can make a significant profit if you're able to sell them for less than full retail.

An additional source for return pallets is liquidation companies. These companies purchase Amazon pallets for a fraction of their MSRP. Amazon returns are sold 'as is,' so the pallets will not have been tested. However, there's a high success rate with untested Amazon returns pallets, and Direct Liquidation is a great place to start. You can sign up for a free account on their website to find out more.

Direct Liquidation is another option for Amazon returns. This company sells returns from other stores as well. You can browse by store or brand, and register to bid. 888 Lots sells only brand-new merchandise. Their listings feature images and item descriptions, along with Amazon sales rank. Whether you're looking for Amazon returns or oversized bulk pallets, Direct Liquidation has it all.

Amazon liquidation websites are a great way to find pallets at a fraction of their original value. Manifests are available on their websites, which show what's inside each pallet. Some items are in great condition, while others are only salvageable. You should also be aware of the cost of shipping a pallet, as this can be more expensive than the goods themselves. Once you've decided on the products you want to sell, check out the Profit Calculator to see if they're profitable.

Goodwill Wholesale Pallets: An In-Depth Review of a Reselling Opportunity


In the world of reselling and wholesale purchasing, Goodwill Wholesale Pallets has emerged as a prominent player, offering a unique and rewarding opportunity for individuals and businesses alike. Goodwill Industries International, Inc., commonly known as Goodwill, is a nonprofit organization that operates thrift stores and other charitable ventures. Goodwill Wholesale Pallets is an extension of their operations, providing pallets of merchandise at discounted prices for reselling purposes. In this article, we will delve into the details of Goodwill Wholesale Pallets, exploring its benefits, challenges, and key considerations for anyone interested in venturing into this reselling opportunity.

Understanding Goodwill Wholesale Pallets

Goodwill Wholesale Pallets is a division of Goodwill Industries International, Inc. that specializes in selling pallets of merchandise to resellers. These pallets contain a diverse range of items, including clothing, accessories, household goods, electronics, toys, and more. The merchandise is typically acquired through donations made to Goodwill thrift stores across the country.

Benefits of Goodwill Wholesale Pallets

2.1. Cost-Effective Sourcing

One of the primary advantages of Goodwill Wholesale Pallets is the cost-effectiveness of sourcing inventory. The pallets are sold at significantly discounted prices compared to retail, allowing resellers to acquire a large quantity of goods at a fraction of their market value. This affordability presents a unique opportunity for resellers to maximize their profit margins.

2.2. Diverse Merchandise

Goodwill Wholesale Pallets offer a wide variety of merchandise, ranging from clothing and accessories to household items and electronics. This diverse selection caters to various reselling niches and customer preferences, allowing resellers to target different markets and expand their customer base.

2.3. Social and Environmental Impact

By purchasing Goodwill Wholesale Pallets, resellers are indirectly supporting Goodwill's charitable initiatives. Goodwill's mission is to provide job training, employment placement services, and other community-based programs to individuals with barriers to employment. By participating in this wholesale program, resellers contribute to the organization's social impact.

Additionally, buying wholesale pallets from Goodwill helps promote sustainability by giving these items a second chance at being utilized and preventing them from ending up in landfills. Reselling these goods extends their lifecycle and reduces waste.

Challenges and Considerations

3.1. Condition of Merchandise

One key consideration when purchasing Goodwill Wholesale Pallets is the condition of the merchandise. While Goodwill takes measures to ensure the quality of the items they offer, it's important to remember that these are donated goods and may have some level of wear or damage. Resellers should be prepared to inspect, sort, and potentially repair or refurbish items before reselling them to customers.

3.2. Variation in Pallet Contents

Another challenge is the variation in pallet contents. Each pallet is unique and may contain a mix of high-demand items, slow-moving inventory, or damaged goods. Resellers need to carefully evaluate the merchandise within each pallet to assess its potential profitability and align it with their reselling strategy.

3.3. Limited Quantity and Availability

Goodwill Wholesale Pallets can be subject to limited quantity and availability, particularly in certain regions or during high-demand periods. Resellers may need to monitor their local Goodwill outlets and act quickly when new pallets become available. It's advisable to establish a good rapport with the local Goodwill representatives to gain insights into upcoming inventory releases.

Tips for Success with Goodwill Wholesale Pallets

4.1. Research and Educate Yourself

Before diving into the world of Goodwill Wholesale Pallets, it's essential to conduct thorough research and educate yourself on the reselling market. Familiarize yourself with current trends, popular categories, and pricing strategies. Utilize online resources, attend reselling conferences or webinars, and join relevant communities to gain valuable insights and guidance.

4.2. Develop a Reselling Strategy

A well-defined reselling strategy is crucial for success. Determine your target market, identify profitable niches, and establish pricing guidelines. By focusing on specific categories or customer segments, you can tailor your purchasing decisions to align with your strategy and maximize profitability.

4.3. Inspect and Sort Merchandise

Upon receiving a Goodwill Wholesale Pallet, carefully inspect the contents and sort the items based on their condition, value, and market demand. This process ensures that you allocate your time and resources effectively, prioritizing items with the highest potential for resale.

4.4. Diversify Your Sales Channels

Explore various sales channels to maximize your reach and sales potential. Consider selling on online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, or Poshmark, as well as setting up your own e-commerce store. Each platform has its own advantages and target audience, allowing you to expand your customer base and increase sales.

4.5. Provide Excellent Customer Service

Customer service is vital in any reselling business. Prioritize prompt communication, accurate item descriptions, and efficient shipping processes. By providing exceptional service, you build customer trust and loyalty, fostering repeat business and positive reviews.


Goodwill Wholesale Pallets presents an exciting opportunity for resellers to source merchandise at discounted prices, diversify their inventory, and make a positive social and environmental impact. While it comes with its unique set of challenges, proper research, strategic planning, and attention to detail can help resellers navigate these obstacles and thrive in this reselling venture. By leveraging the benefits offered by Goodwill Wholesale Pallets and implementing effective reselling practices, individuals and businesses can turn this opportunity into a profitable and fulfilling endeavor.

Exploring the Variety: Types of Items Found in Goodwill Pallets


Goodwill Wholesale Pallets have gained popularity among resellers and entrepreneurs due to their affordability and diverse range of merchandise. These pallets offer a treasure trove of items, acquired through donations made to Goodwill thrift stores across the country. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the types of items you can expect to find in a Goodwill pallet, showcasing the wide variety and potential for reselling success.

Clothing and Accessories

Clothing is a prominent category within Goodwill pallets. These pallets often contain a mix of men's, women's, and children's clothing items. You can find everything from shirts, pants, dresses, and skirts to jackets, sweaters, and coats. The styles and sizes vary, allowing resellers to cater to a broad customer base. Accessories like belts, scarves, hats, handbags, and shoes may also be included, adding extra value to the pallet.


Electronics are another sought-after category found in Goodwill pallets. While the availability and range of electronics can vary, you may come across items such as televisions, DVD players, gaming consoles, speakers, headphones, cameras, tablets, and smartphones. It's important to test and assess the functionality of these items before reselling them.

Household Goods and Appliances

Goodwill pallets often contain a wide assortment of household goods and appliances. This category can include kitchenware, cookware, glassware, utensils, small appliances like blenders and toasters, home decor items, lamps, rugs, curtains, and even furniture pieces such as chairs, tables, and shelves. The variety of household goods offers resellers ample opportunities to cater to customers looking to decorate their homes or furnish on a budget.

Toys and Games

Goodwill recognizes the value of children's items, and as such, you can find a plethora of toys and games in their pallets. From stuffed animals, action figures, dolls, and board games to puzzles, building blocks, educational toys, and even outdoor play equipment, these pallets can be a goldmine for resellers targeting the toy market.

Books, Media, and Collectibles

Goodwill pallets often contain an assortment of books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, vinyl records, and other forms of media. These items can cater to a wide range of interests, including fiction, non-fiction, educational material, music, movies, and more. Additionally, resellers may come across collectible items, such as vintage books, limited edition vinyl records, sports memorabilia, or antique items, which can fetch a higher resale value.

Jewelry and Watches

Jewelry and watches are valuable finds within Goodwill pallets. These items can range from costume jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings, to vintage or luxury pieces. Watches of various brands and styles may also be included. Resellers with knowledge of jewelry authentication and appraisal can capitalize on these items' potential value.

Sporting Goods and Fitness Equipment

For resellers targeting the sports and fitness market, Goodwill pallets can yield an array of sporting goods and fitness equipment. These may include bicycles, golf clubs, tennis rackets, baseball gloves, fishing gear, camping equipment, exercise machines, weights, and yoga mats. As the demand for fitness and outdoor activities continues to grow, reselling these items can be a profitable venture.

Seasonal Items and Holiday Decor

Goodwill pallets often reflect the seasonality of donations, which means you may find seasonal items and holiday decor. This can include Halloween costumes, Christmas decorations, Easter baskets, Thanksgiving-themed items, and more. Capitalize on these items by timing your reselling efforts to align with the appropriate season or holiday.


Goodwill pallets offer an extensive assortment of items, catering to various reselling niches and customer preferences. From clothing and accessories to electronics, household goods, toys, books, jewelry, sporting goods, and seasonal items, the range of merchandise is vast. Resellers who carefully inspect and curate the items in these pallets can unlock numerous opportunities for profitability and success. By leveraging the diverse inventory within Goodwill pallets, entrepreneurs can tap into different markets, satisfy customer demands, and build thriving reselling businesses.

30 websites that have been known to sell Goodwill pallets or similar types of merchandise:

BULQ ( BULQ offers various pallets of liquidation and overstock goods, including some sourced from Goodwill.

Via Trading ( Via Trading provides a wide range of wholesale merchandise, including pallets sourced from Goodwill.

Direct Liquidation ( Direct Liquidation features liquidated inventory from various sources, including Goodwill, at wholesale prices.

Wholesale Ninjas ( Wholesale Ninjas offers pallets of goods sourced from different retailers, including Goodwill.

Quicklotz ( Quicklotz offers a variety of pallets, including some sourced from Goodwill, with a focus on customer returns and overstock items. ( is a marketplace for surplus and wholesale goods, including some sourced from Goodwill.

Genco Marketplace ( Genco Marketplace offers liquidation and wholesale merchandise, occasionally including items from Goodwill.

Topper International Liquidators ( Topper International Liquidators sells pallets and truckloads of overstock, closeout, and customer return items.

Merchandize Liquidators ( Merchandize Liquidators offers pallets and truckloads of customer returns, overstock, and shelf-pulled goods.

AAA Closeout Liquidators ( AAA Closeout Liquidators specializes in the sale of closeout merchandise, including pallets sourced from various channels. ( features a wide range of wholesale and liquidation items, including some sourced from Goodwill.

888 Lots ( 888 Lots offers a variety of wholesale products, including some sourced from Goodwill and other retailers.

Wholesale Central ( Wholesale Central is an online directory that connects buyers with various wholesale suppliers, including those offering Goodwill pallets.

Wholesale Clearance UK ( Wholesale Clearance UK offers a range of wholesale and liquidation goods, including pallets sourced from different outlets.

RhinoMart ( RhinoMart is a wholesale supplier that offers pallets and bulk quantities of merchandise, including some sourced from Goodwill.

Liquidation General ( Liquidation General specializes in the sale of high-end fashion and clothing pallets, including some sourced from Goodwill.

Quicklotz ( Quicklotz offers pallets of liquidated goods, including some sourced from Goodwill, at discounted prices.

Gby Liquidations ( Gby Liquidations offers various wholesale and liquidation products, including pallets sourced from different channels.

Wholesale Clearance USA ( Wholesale Clearance USA provides pallets of wholesale and liquidation goods, including some sourced from Goodwill.

Discount Truckloads ( Discount Truckloads offers a range of wholesale merchandise, including pallets sourced from different outlets, including Goodwill.

Premier Wholesale ( Premier Wholesale features wholesale lots and liquidation items, occasionally including some sourced from Goodwill.

H&J Closeouts ( H&J Closeouts offers various closeout and liquidation items, including some sourced from different retailers.

TDW Closeouts ( TDW Closeouts specializes in liquidated merchandise, including pallets sourced from Goodwill and other sources.

Midwest Service & Supply ( Midwest Service & Supply offers liquidation merchandise, including pallets from different retailers and outlets.

AAA Wholesale Liquidators ( AAA Wholesale Liquidators sells liquidation and overstock merchandise, including some sourced from Goodwill.

Quicklotz ( Quicklotz features a variety of liquidation pallets, including some sourced from Goodwill, with discounted pricing.

Great Lakes Wholesale ( Great Lakes Wholesale offers various wholesale products, occasionally including some sourced from Goodwill.

American Merchandise Liquidators ( American Merchandise Liquidators provides pallets and truckloads of liquidated goods, including some sourced from different retailers.

RSR Group ( RSR Group is a wholesale distributor of sporting goods, firearms, and accessories, occasionally including Goodwill-sourced items.

Gby Liquidations ( Gby Liquidations offers pallets and truckloads of liquidation merchandise, including some sourced from Goodwill.