How To Find Genuine Closeout Deals In New York


Genuine closeout deals in New York are frequently tough to find, which is why there is an entire industry of brokers who will search and bargain on your behalf. A buying agent, or broker, is a person that has connections with bargain sellers, and markets their products by presenting them to wholesale purchasers. He earns money by either marking up the cost of the goods, or by getting a commission from the owner of the items.

An experienced and reputable buyer’s agent, or closeout broker, will have connections throughout the New York Fashion District, as well as connections to wholesalers throughout the five boroughs. 

You can also pay a wholesaler, or jobber, to introduce you to his contacts. Although you might be able to find the same wholesale showrooms and warehouses on your own, by paying someone to introduce you to his contacts, you are saving yourself a tremendous amount of time. And that is assuming that you can even find all of his contacts. For example, some wholesale showrooms are located in small warehouses in side streets in Queens, while other warehouses might be in the upper floors of a NY office building in the garment district.

Due to the fact that as a seller or dealer you intend to pay the most affordable possible price for goods, you wish to eliminate any middlemen that will certainly be contributing to the expense of the products you are purchasing. If the closeout broker is servicing a compensation basis you will be paying the same rate as if you dealt straight with the initial seller, so this situation would certainly enable you to avoid paying any more markups. But it is difficult to inform if the seller really did not currently increase his wholesale rate to make up the broker, so preferably you wish to avoid any brokers, and deal straight with the owner of the goods.

One method to establish if you are dealing with the source herself, or with a broker, is by asking to see the merchandise up for sale face to face. The real seller will be greater than satisfied for you to see his pallets, given that she understands that you might end up getting various other items while you are there. If you sense any evasiveness, you might well conclude that you are dealing with a reseller, not the proprietor of the merchandise.

You might also consider walking into closeout and discount stores in New York. Although these shops sell retail, not wholesale, their prices can be incredible due to the intense competition in the NY retail landscape. Also check out the clearance sections of department stores. Lastly, make sure to visit the various wholesale districts in Manhattan and in Queens.

Wholesale search engines such as as well as are excellent devices to use, given that you can investigate the products you want to purchase for your shop, and can often see who the real seller is by seeing that she has the most affordable cost, as well as an actual physical storage facility. Before making a purchase, I would recommend that you visit Amazon, as well as the websites of department stores such as Macy's and Target, to see if in fact the price that you are paying will enable to you to resell the merchandise at below the its retail price on the market.