How To Find Dollar Store Suppliers In The United States: A Comprehensive Guide


How To Find Dollar Store Suppliers In The United States: A Comprehensive Guide


Dollar stores have become a staple in American retail, offering a wide array of affordable products that cater to budget-conscious consumers. Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to start your own dollar store or a store owner seeking new suppliers, finding reliable dollar store suppliers in the United States is essential for success. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore various strategies and resources to help you locate and establish relationships with 30 dollar store suppliers.

Chapter 1: The Dollar Store Industry Overview

Before diving into the specifics of finding suppliers, let's briefly explore the dollar store industry in the United States.

1.1 Dollar Stores: An Overview

Dollar stores are a significant segment of the retail industry, known for offering a variety of everyday items at incredibly low prices. The three major players in this market are Dollar General, Dollar Tree, and Family Dollar, which together operate thousands of stores across the country.

1.2 Growth of Dollar Stores

The dollar store industry has experienced remarkable growth over the years. According to Statista, in 2020, there were approximately 33,884 dollar stores in the United States. The industry's revenue reached $94.5 billion in 2020, a testament to the enduring appeal of these stores.

Chapter 2: Understanding Dollar Store Suppliers

Before you start searching for suppliers, it's crucial to understand the different types of suppliers that cater to dollar stores.

2.1 Types of Dollar Store Suppliers

Wholesalers: Wholesalers are companies that supply products in bulk at discounted prices to retailers. They are a primary source for dollar stores.

Distributors: Distributors act as intermediaries between manufacturers and retailers, offering a wide range of products to choose from.

Manufacturers: Some dollar store owners opt to work directly with manufacturers, especially for private label or custom products.

Liquidators: Liquidators purchase excess inventory or closeout items from various retailers and then sell them to dollar stores at discounted rates.

Chapter 3: Strategies for Finding Dollar Store Suppliers

Now that you understand the types of suppliers available, let's delve into strategies for finding them.

3.1 Online Supplier Directories

Online supplier directories are a valuable resource for locating dollar store suppliers. Websites like WholesaleCentral, SaleHoo, and Alibaba have extensive databases of wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers.

3.2 Trade Shows and Expos

Attending trade shows and expos can be an effective way to meet potential suppliers face-to-face. Events like the ASD Market Week and the International Housewares Association Show often feature suppliers catering to dollar stores.

3.3 Industry Associations

Joining industry associations such as the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW) or the American Dollar Store Association (ADSA) can provide access to a network of suppliers and valuable resources.

Chapter 4: 30 Dollar Store Suppliers in the United States

Here, we'll provide an extensive list of 30 dollar store suppliers, including a brief description of each.

4.1 Dollar Store Wholesalers

DollarDays: A well-established wholesale distributor offering a wide range of products suitable for dollar stores.

Four Seasons General Merchandise: Known for its extensive selection of merchandise, including toys, party supplies, and household items.

H&J Closeouts: A source for closeout and liquidation merchandise at highly competitive prices.

Regent Products Corp: A distributor of a variety of consumer products, from kitchenware to stationery.

Kole Imports: Offers thousands of products across various categories, including beauty, fashion, and home decor.

Rhino Mart: A supplier specializing in dollar store items, including cleaning supplies, kitchenware, and toys.

4.2 Dollar Store Distributors

United Pacific Distributors: Known for its broad range of products and fast shipping.

Metro Distributors: Offers a vast selection of dollar store merchandise and customization options.

Top Wholesale: Provides a wide array of products at competitive prices, including electronics and home goods.

International Wholesale: A distributor offering diverse product categories at wholesale prices.

Noble Sales Co.: Distributes party supplies, gifts, and home goods.

Buckstore Inc.: Specializes in store fixtures, shelving, and displays for dollar stores.

4.3 Dollar Store Manufacturers

Custom HBC Corporation: Offers private label personal care and health products.

Cosmetic Industries, Inc.: A manufacturer of cosmetics, skincare, and beauty products.

Pinnacle International: Produces a variety of cleaning and household products.

4.4 Dollar Store Liquidators

Merchandize Liquidators: Specializes in closeout and liquidation merchandise from major retailers.

Via Trading: Offers a wide range of closeout and overstock items.

Direct Liquidation: Sources surplus and customer returns for dollar stores.

Chapter 5: Establishing Relationships with Dollar Store Suppliers

Building strong relationships with your chosen suppliers is essential for a successful partnership. Here are some tips:

Communication: Maintain open and clear communication with your suppliers to address any issues or concerns promptly.

Negotiation: Negotiate terms, prices, and payment options to ensure a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Consistency: Place regular orders and meet payment deadlines to build trust with your suppliers.

Feedback: Provide feedback on product quality and service to help improve your supplier relationships.


Finding dollar store suppliers in the United States is a crucial step for dollar store owners and entrepreneurs. By understanding the industry, exploring various strategies, and connecting with reliable suppliers, you can ensure your dollar store's success. With a list of 30 reputable suppliers, this guide serves as a valuable resource for your journey into the world of dollar stores.

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