• How to create a listing for your product on Amazon


    How to create a listing for your product on Amazon

    So, you are setting out to start selling on Amazon, but just don’t know how to create a listing for your product on amazon? Well, not to worry, virtually everyone welling on Amazon right now has been in your situation at some point.

    Better yet, the process of getting started is quite easy, and this article is going to guide you through virtually every single step there’s to take. Read on!

    What you need to keep in mind

    If you are only getting started, here are a few things you can find useful if you want to create a listing for your Product on Amazon. But they may also prove effective for consecutive listings too.

    The product title comes first

    This aspect is crucial for your potential customers as well as the Amazon algorithm to identify the category of your product at a glance.

    Then ensure to prioritize your primary keywords at the front of the amazon product listing. On the same note, you can consider including information on any multiple uses or different customer niches. This could increase the chances of your product appearing in searches by the given consumers.

    Using keywords

    Another thing you can do here is looking at Google Keyword Planner or the Keyword tool, where you can get some additional ideal keywords. If you have established one keyword, like Pioneer SPL Series Subwoofer, for instance, you can increase the list to include the other similar searches that can attract relevant customers.

    Product images

    The other thing that you need to give undivided attention is the image. You can use as many as nine images when listing your product for amazon, so make sure to have more than one photo. Also, the image should be about 1000 pixels, especially n the most significant side. The model should help explain the product you are selling to potential customers.

    Simple ways to list your products on Amazon

    You can always use several ideas when it comes to creating a listing for your products on amazon.

    One of the ideas is to match your products using other existing lists on Amazon. With so many sellers out there, you will usually find products listed by others, so once you match, Amazon will add such details as quantity, price, and shipping.

    For instance, they can add your location as California, the product quantity, say one item, and the price as well. Matching also comes with numerous other advantages, so it comes in as one of the most promising approaches that you can try.

    The custom inventory template

    This option helps in cases where you want to list many products at once. It comes in an excel sheet, which features several attributes. You can add all the details of each product using a single template, and you are all set.

    Scanning the products to the list

    Here’s another ideal way when you want to create a listing of your products on amazon. You can turn to the Amazon Seller App, which offers an opportunity for scanning such barcodes on your products as EAN, UPC, and ISBN among others. You can then use these

    barcodes to match your product with any other existing product that has a similar barcode. So, all you need to do will be adding the details of the offer.

    Prepare your listing feature

    This option also goes a long way to make your work simple when creating a listing of your products on Amazon. It becomes easier if you have an excel spreadsheet with the details of the product. You only need to go to the page about Prepare Your Listings, and select Add a Product on the Seller Central.

    You will then follow four simple steps, which include Upload product file, Confirm category, Match product information and lastly Create Listings.

    These ideas are some of the best ways out there. But you can always do a bit of footwork to find out the latest trends and most exciting ways to create a listing of your products on amazon. It all comes down to what works best for you; it’s never too complicated to do it yourself anyway.