How to Choose a Platform and Use GoodTime's Meeting Optimization Engine


GoodTime is a meeting optimization engine, which means it can help you drive better results from meetings. It can be used on a variety of platforms, including Microsoft Store, DIRECTV, YouTube, Vudu, and Amazon Channel. You can also rent Good Time online. To find out more, visit After reading this article, you will be better equipped to choose a platform and make use of the services offered by GoodTime.

GoodTime is a meeting optimization engine

If you're looking for a meeting optimization engine, look no further. GoodTime is a powerful tool that helps you optimize business meetings and turn inefficient meetings into smart ones. Inefficient meetings cost U.S. companies $399 billion in 2019. Many of these lost profits are the result of a lack of organization and a lack of focus on projects. GoodTime's Meeting Optimization Engine is the first tool of its kind.

By integrating artificial intelligence and automation into a user's workday, GoodTime's Meeting Optimization Engine enables its customers to get better results from their meetings. This technology not only optimizes the meetings themselves, but also helps attendees build better relationships during a meeting. With GoodTime, the right people are in the room at the right time, ensuring collaboration occurs naturally and quickly. The app also automatically schedules meetings and manages reminders and invites for all participants.

It helps you drive better results from your meetings

Aim to maximize productivity in meetings by scheduling them at the start of the day or early in the afternoon. Meetings that are held in the morning are typically more productive because people are more alert and focused. This may be especially important if certain clients have shortened work weeks or flex schedules, as these may pose challenges for participants. Also, avoiding meetings that last too long and include the same participants each time can be beneficial.

Notes taken during a meeting can help participants assess the meeting and evaluate whether barriers were overcome or open items were resolved. Save notes with a date and time stamp to improve the meeting's effectiveness. This will help you improve relationships and professional skills by improving your meetings. Goodtime USA Online's meeting tools make it easy to create effective meetings. With its customizable tools, meeting organizers can create a customized meeting experience for their clients.

Whether you have multiple meeting participants or one person facilitating them, a meeting can be highly productive if it has a clear purpose. Make sure to make your objective clear, and do not let attendees wander off course. Clearly communicating the purpose of the meeting will shape the agenda and prepare everyone to add value to the process. You'll be more efficient when the meeting begins with clear goals and objectives.