How To Buy Wholesale Used Shoes In The USA


In business, you can operate either on a wholesale or retail basis. A wholesale business is one where you buy a large amount of goods from vendors or producers and then resell to retailers. Wholesale business requires the handling of large volumes of merchandise. Today, you can sell various types of goods on a wholesale basis such as used or second hand shoes. There is a ready market for this product all around the world. this is because shoes are a necessity. Read on to discover How To Buy Used Wholesale Shoes In The USA.

How to buy used wholesale shoes

Sources of used shoes

To buy some shoes at wholesale prices, the objective is to purchase the merchandise in bulk. You can make the purchases at liquidation auctions and companies. Based online, they sell used shoes on wholesale basis. They sell sneakers, boots, formal shoes, heels and even baby shoes. 

You can also search for these shoes in garage 
sales and secondhand stores. They stock a wide range of used shoes and sell them by the pound or by the pallet. These sources can have mint condition used shoes available for purchase at wholesale prices.

Some online wholesale stores include:

• Wholesale USA

• American Star Clothing

• Premier Wholesaler

• Eco Goods

sales are also a great source of wholesale used shoes. In most cases, they place want ads in the local newspapers and bulletin boards. These locations are especially great for finding designer, used shoes such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Ferragamo. While buying from an estate sale, ensure that you ask for a price cut. It is very likely that you will get one since the estate sellers are usually looking to sell as many of their used shoes as quickly as possible. 

Purchasing in bulk reduces the prices of the used shoes even further. Ensure that you check the merchandise for quality assessment. It is important to make sure that the shoes are still attractive even if they are used. This is to ensure that you can still sell them at a profit. By buying the used shoes in bulk on pallets, you can get much lower buying prices and higher profit margins. 

Maximize volumes

Whenever you purchase wholesale used shoes in the USA, they are sold in pallets. An advantage of this form of business is that you can put a lot of value into each pallet. This is because the average retail cost of each pair of shoes is relatively high. As a result, you can ensure that each pallet carries as many pairs as possible resulting in fewer pallets overall. This reduces your shipping charges and overall operational costs. 

Inspect the contents of each pallet

When you are buying wholesale used shoes, the items in each pallet can vary. The pallets can carry various brands and types of wholesale used shoes. To ensure that you remain profitable, make sure to check the contents of the pallets. Ensure that each pallet contains items which are firmly in your niche. By doing so, you retain relevance and uniformity in your inventory. 


Selling used shoes on a wholesale basis can be a highly profitable business. The guidelines above show you how to buy these items. They are sourced from professional wholesale business-people and are guaranteed to work.