How To Buy Wholesale From Chinese Factories


Buying wholesale products directly from factories in China can be a great way to discover new products, and pay less for them than when purchasing those products from your local distributor.

China has become the factory of the world as Chinese companies are manufacturing a large range of products in almost all categories at low wholesale prices due to the government policy to encourage exports. So wholesalers and retailers selling online and offline can make a good profit by purchasing the products at cheap prices from china and then selling the products at the market rate in their town or city or country. Though there are many Chinese export agencies and sourcing agents supplying a wide range of Chinese products, most importers would like to find out how to buy wholesale from Chinese factories to maximize their profit, as the sourcing agents will charge a commission on the purchases.

The chinese factories and manufacturing companies have used the internet extensively for promoting their product, most of these companies have their own website listing the products for sale. The wholesale buyer can contact the chinese factories through their website, and the sales or marketing department will usually reply, to negotiate the deal with the lowest rate possible. Some of these factory websites may not be in English, so the wholesale buyer may have to hire the services of a translator to help in communicating with the factory, especially while finalizing the wholesale purchase deal.

In case the chinese factories do not have a website, there are many online portals like Alibaba where a wide range of products from chinese manufacturers are listed for sale . The wholesale buyer can list his requirement for purchase of a particular product along with the detailed specification of his or her requirement, quantity required and price range. The inquiry will be circulated to all the paid members of the website, who will then contact with their best offers for the product. The wholesale buyer can finalize the deal for the purchase of the product depending on the price, quality, time taken for delivery, payment terms and conditions. Some companies like Chameos, iGarment Ltd.(HongKong) send mailers

Another option for a buyer who wishes to find out how to buy wholesale from chinese factories is to search for suppliers of the products he or she wishes to purchase at Alibaba and similar websites and send enquiries to these companies asking for a quote. Usually sending enquiries to a number of manufacturing companies with factories is more time consuming compared to listing a lead for purchase of the product. However it is a better option in some cases, like when the buyer is looking for an innovative item like toys for gifting or similar uses, and will consider new products which are developed by the chinese factories based on market research and demand.

For those with a limited amount of time available for doing research, there are also websites like Aliexpress, where Chinese companies and manufacturers are listing their products for sale at wholesale prices . The person who wishes to know how to buy wholesale from Chinese factories can directly browse the various products listed , make payment and the items will be shipped to the buyer within a specified time. Compared to negotiating directly with the buyer using emails or other method, the advantage of purchase from a portal or website like Alibaba is that they have a feedback system, so there is some information about the Chinese factory listed, reducing the risk involved in ordering items from the factory.

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