How To Buy Wholesale Children's Boutique Clothing


If you have an outlet or store that sells wholesale children's boutique clothing, it is essential to find a supplier who can supply your needs. The clothing business is a competitive one and the last thing you want is to have your supplies cut off before the season even begins. If you want to sell clothes that will sell this season, then it is crucial that you find wholesale children's clothing suppliers who can give you the best prices possible. You will need to determine the price range of your products so that you can get your products at a good price for the maximum amount of profit possible. This is what will keep your business profitable.

There are many ways to find a wholesaler for your children's boutique clothing needs. The most common is to go to the manufacturer directly. You will need to be very careful here as most manufacturers produce clothing under contract for brands and designers, meaning that you need permission from the brands and designers to buy their clothing, even if it's overproduction from the factory. Preferably, you will want to contact factories that own their own brand and/or styles, so that you will not face any trademark or license issues.

Another way to find wholesale kids clothing suppliers is to contact drop shipping companies. You may not want to work through these companies as you will have to mark up your prices based on a drop shipper who already might be a middleman. This is why some people choose to become affiliates with drop shipping companies, this way the sellers can receive a commission without having to mark up the drop shipper's prices. Affiliates receive a commission when a purchase is made from a drop shipper after having first clicked on the affiliate's link.

Your next option is to use a website, such as,, or, that specializes in finding boutique clothing suppliers. Many of these sites will allow you to search their directory by category. Once you have found a few suppliers that you feel may be able to provide you with what you need, you simply place an order for the items you would like to be sold. These sites are great because they usually only charge a small fee, or are completely free, and you can immediately start connecting with children's clothing suppliers.

Some of the wholesale children's clothes that you will find in these directories are exclusive brands. Many of them have been known to charge outrageous prices for their clothes, but this does not mean that you can resell the clothing profitably. If you have enough of a profit margin to justify the higher cost of purchasing from these suppliers, then go ahead and purchase your clothing wholesale. A girl's party dress by Rare Editions might be more expensive than a girl's party dress by First Impressions, but as long as you can sell the Rare Edition dress at a profit, it can be still worthwhile to purchase the dress. Your decision should be based on your market's supply and demand for children's clothing.

There are many wholesale children's clothes suppliers that offer overstock pallets and lots with a large variety of brands, styles, colors, and sizes. Their prices are a little bit lower than those of other suppliers. The larger range of products that a pallet or lot offers the larger the chance that you will be able to make a profit on each item that you sell.

For example, my site offers pallets of overstock children's clothing. These pallets contain brand name children's clothing that are overstock, also known as store stock, from a very well known department store. The children's pallets can contain brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Levi's, Polo Ralph Lauren, and other popular brands. The challenge with these pallets is that the quantity of items can be very large, which can make the pallets relatively expensive. The benefits of these pallets is that they give resellers an opportunity to purchase brand name and designer kids' merchandise at a fraction of the original retail price.

Some sites even offer customized clothing. If you do design your own clothing, you can increase your profits by charging more for your items.

A good wholesale children's clothing site will also have detailed descriptions of the different types of clothing available for kids. These sites also often carry high quality clothing at wholesale prices. You should be able to view the clothing in great detail and find descriptions of the brand name, manufacturer, style, size, and price range. You can then visit each individual site to see if there is a special deal available for the specific type of clothing that you are interested in selling.

Wholesale children's boutique clothing can provide great profits if you know how to find the appropriate suppliers. These suppliers will be available through directory sites or internet websites dedicated to wholesale clothing suppliers. You can contact some suppliers directly and build up relationships with people who can help you grow your business. If you take the time to learn the process of finding the right suppliers, you will be well on your way to making a success of your business.

If you visit the New York Fashion District, you can find children's clothing showrooms at the Childrenswear Center, located at 34 West 33rd St. I would recommend visiting showrooms in person when possible, and finding out what closeouts are currently available, as the brands will be more motivated to sell their closeout merchandise at lower prices than their current product lines.