How To Buy Products On Wholesale Central


Wholesale Central is an online directory specialized in wholesale products. It offers resellers some powerful sourcing tools that can help them find thousands of prescreened manufacturers, dropshippers, distributors, importers and wholesalers. You can search the site without prior registration. Resellers can shop on for great wholesale merchandise value. Premium access and various bonus features are also available to qualified wholesale buyers who join the free Buyers Network.

Choosing a wholesale provider is affecting your ability to deliver products on time and to compete on price, being a critical business decision. When picking the right wholesaler, it's important to take into considerations factors like product portfolio, customer service, reliability, and price.

How to buy wholesale products?

Once you find a product or supplier of your choice on, you will be taken directly to the suppliers’s website when you click on the link. There you can place you order directly with the supplier. Wholesale Central is not a middle-man website and therefore it is not selling merchandise. The online directory connects wholesale sources directly with buyers, allowing both suppliers and buyers to maximize their profits.

Here are the steps to buy wholesale products on Wholesale Central:

1. First of all, a big difference between retail and wholesale purchases is whether the product is subject to tax at the time of the sale.

2. Before you start a business you need to decide what kind of business you want. For this purpose research the difference between Partnership. Sole Proprietorship, S Corp, LLP, and Corporation.

3. It is quite easy to start up a business. Applying for a Federal tax id is the minimum requirement. Next step is to check your local and state regulations and laws on starting up and registering a business. 

4. Once you have a business, you need things to sell. Wholesale Central ( is a good source of information on various products you could sell. You can register for free as a buyer and search for companies willing to sell their products to you at wholesale prices. It is recommended to look at the following factors in order to determine whether a wholesale provider is right for you:

• Product Offerings

• Reliable Shipping

• Customer Service

Ultimately, you have to take into consideration how a wholesale will impact your day-to-day relationship with customers. You need to select, at the same time, a wholesale that makes financial sense and makes a business partner you can rely on.

How reputable are the suppliers?

Wholesale Central online directory reviews and screens each and every company listed in order to confirm they are true wholesalers. The online directory investigates all complaints removes any companies that are found to be fraudulent. However, when establishing any new business relationship buyers are encouraged to always proceed with caution and notify Wholesale Central in case they encounter any problems. 

There are sellers that offer fashion merchandise, as well as designer products, such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Nine West clothing. You always want to be attentive when purchasing merchandise, especially if it is brand name or designer.

Wholesale Central parent company

The parent company of Wholesale Central is Sumner Communications, Inc. They are a leading publisher of websites, directories, and trade magazines for the wholesale merchandise industry. Sumner Communications publishes an annual directory and four monthly trade magazines with thousands and thousands of printed copies each year. Its trade publications serve the everyday business needs of distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and closeout buyers.