How To Buy Liquidations The Right Way


No matter, what kind of business you might have, buying items or products on sale can ensure savings and profits. If you have a wholesale business, more avenues can be explored for saving regarding bulk purchases. There are options to buy from closeout brokers or liquidation websites. For a wholesaler, the best way to increase their inventory is through becoming a liquidator buyer or to buy from closeout warehouses that carry liquidations. There are so many benefits of buying from liquidation or closeout merchandise for a wholesale business, but there are some common mistakes that should best be avoided so that you can increase your profits and succeed in your business.

Real liquidation or closeout deals can seem to be abundant. Therefore, the first thing you need to avoid when you becoming a buyer is working in a rush. Look out for profitable deals, which can provide you with high-quality merchandise and maximum savings. Try to find reliable suppliers. With a bit of luck and as a reward for your patience, you might end up striking a deal with some of the best providers in the market.

In other words, if you can form an exclusive relationship with a brand, designer, or factory, then you will have access to merchandise that other sellers do not have.

Imagine how great it would be to be the only seller on eBay or Amazon for a Tahari or Calvin Klein dress.

While it is definitely more challenging to form an exclusive arrangement with an established company, you might have an easier time developing a business relationship with an up and coming company.

Once you have found a company which offers you a good closeout or a liquidation deal, do not rush into signing the contract. Do some research and see previous deals and records of the company or the supplier. You need to make sure that you are dealing with reliable people, who will provide you with quality merchandise and excellent services. Try your best to ensure that the products will be delivered to you in good condition and then look forward to closing the deal.

When planning to become a liquidation buyer or looking for closeout deals, make sure that you keep your ears open for industry announcements. Trade publications are the best way to keep yourself up-to-date with the best deals available in the market. If you keep track of the decisions made regularly, you will find the transaction that attracts you without any issue. You can keep track of great deals by signing up for newsletters and magazines. This will also minimize the duration you might have to take to find deals manually.

Wholesalers need quality products, so if you are going to become a liquidation buyer for merchandise, be sure to check its quality first. Never close a deal with any liquidation or closeout supplier without checking its quality. Your customers will stop buying your items, and there is a chance that your reputation as a wholesaler might suffer if you buy cheap quality products from off price deals.

When purchasing wholesale inventory, make sure that you know the trend about the market and then make your purchases accordingly. You wouldn't want to end up buying old products, which will not likely sell in the coming future. Be sure to check what the latest fashion products are by visiting stores that sell the latest merchandise.

You can also visit websites such as Amazon to see what the sales ranking of different products, and the reviews that they have received from customers.

Although this category of merchandise can be very lucrative, it is crucial that you make your purchases based on customer demand, not simply because you can buy a pallet or lot for a low price.

I have seen many pallets for sale through sites like,,,, and And although these pallets might be offered at a fraction of their original retail price, the most important factor is your ability to resell the contents of those pallets.

Remember that every market is different, so customers in Nigeria might or might not like the same dresses as customers in New York, just like customers in the Bahamas can have different preferences for office suits than customers in the UK.

It is all about knowing your customers and understanding the merchandise that you are buying.