How To Buy Designer Suits At Below Their Regular Wholesale Prices


Wholesale suits are one of the leading sought after product categories in the garments market, domestically in the United States and also globally, especially in countries which the professional dress code requires attire such as suits. 

Many of my customers who have boutiques in countries such as in Nigeria and Kenya, have traveled to my warehouse to purchase office suits. Boutique owners in the Caribbean, as well as in the United States, can have a strong demand for church suits. 

Wholesalers and also merchants can profit by carrying suits, especially by brands such as Tahari, Jones New York, Calvin Klein, Kasper, and Le Suit, provided that they can offer their merchandise at prices that are affordable for their customers. Because the competition by well established outlet stores as well as department stores such as Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s, is really high, vendors need to discover closeout sources which will allow them to be competitive. Below are 3 methods to purchase suits at below the listed wholesale prices that are offered by the brands themselves, and by the wholesalers that represent the brands.

Method # 1.

Call the brands straight and inquire if they have any type of surplus inventory from order terminations. Usually a brand will certainly produce a huge quantity of suits just to learn that their customer has actually backed out. Currently the clothing is inventory which will gather dirt unless a buyer is located. You can make a deal on the remnant stock. This method will certainly assist you in obtaining merchandise at a rate that is highly discounted as compared to the original wholesale rate, but the flipside is that you need to take the available inventory, without being able to specify the sizes, colors, or styles, that you prefer. If you pursue this method, you will want to first ensure that your customers will like the suits that are available. Depending on your buying power, you should be able to approach and deal with both international brands such as Michael Kors, and up and coming designers such as Amir Taghi.

Method # 2.

Formulate an exclusive, or non exclusive deal if more feasible, deal to acquire last season's suits from the brands. Even if the style is not being sold at Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus, it does not imply that your customers won't love the style. While consumers in highly fashion competitive cities like Paris or Manhattan, want the latest styles, in the remainder of the world, people are all right with putting on the previous period's fashions.

Strategy # 3.

Acquire department store overstock pallets of suits. Chain stores are required to turn over their goods since they do not want shoppers to see the very same garments week after week. They will typically clear out unsold inventory and send it to dealers that they collaborate with. You can purchase this merchandise straight from dealers who have connections with the chain store. This is the very best method to purchase brand name and designer suits at the largest discount rate to the wholesale rate, yet bear in mind that you will certainly receive a selection of every category of suits, consisting of a selection of various designer names, private labels, designs, shades, as well as sizes. Ideally you would wish to work with a distributor that has an open warehouse, to ensure that you can make your own selection.

You can also check out auction liquidation sites such as and, to see if these auction sites have any pallets available that contain the type of clothing that you are searching for.

There are also search engines that can help you find wholesale sources, such as,,, and

More important than how you purchase, is ensuring that you are purchasing merchandise that you will be able to sell. Do your research, know your customer, and be ready to make a decision when you are offered a truly great deal. The best closeout merchandise sells the quickest, so you need to be ready to buy right away.