How To Buy Closeout Kids Merchandise From Retailers In New York


You can actually buy wholesale and closeout kids clothing directly from retailers.

As you can imagine, retailers want to move their unsold merchandise as quickly as they can, since the longer the unsold inventory stays in their stores, the harder it will be to sell.

So what many stores do, including those that sell children wear, is periodically run super clearance sales on their brand name inventory.

I personally have seen kid clothing by designer brands such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Disney, and Nike, at sale prices that brought down the cost per piece below to what the original wholesale price would have been.

You can actually buy some of that merchandise and then resell it on eBay, at your local flea market, through the Amazon FBA program, or in your own shop.

If retailers run sales that allow you to buy their products for 70-90% off the original price you will potentially be buying those items at substantially below the regular wholesale price.

Another method to obtain products from retailers for resale purposes is to approach the store manager or owner and make an offer for any hard to sell items.

Yes, you definitely want to be careful in buying items that someone else is having a hard time selling. Perhaps customers simply no longer want those items.

But on the other hand it's possible that the shop was trying to sell the clothing or toys at too high of a price, or the shop simply didn't have the right clientele for that merchandise, and you can find those customers.

The reason why retail arbitrage does work is because shoppers might not know about the toys being sold in one store, and that store might not know how to market the toys to those customers.

That is actually the reason why so many Amazon sellers engage in arbitrage.

Online sellers know that Amazon is frequented by people from all over the world, giving them a better chance to sell kids merchandise that a local business was having a hard time to move.

Below are 25 retailers that focus on kids products.

I would recommend that you approach each business on the list and inquire as to what products you can buy from them at closeout prices.

As you might know, New Yorkers are no doubt one of the most fashionable city dwellers in the world; and not just adults, you can see toddlers and young boys and girls flaunting the latest trends in their own individual styles.

Parents are always concerned about their children’s appearance, especially if they look acceptable when they step out of the house. If you are looking for kids clothing stores to give your young children trendy, fashionable lifestyles, whether its casual wear, party clothes or shoes, you need to look no further. Here we give you a list of the top 25 New York shops for fashionable clothing for all ages of children; toddlers, kindergarteners, school kids and all other ages!

Since these retailers are doing business in a very competitive market, they are expected to have high quality products.

For Babies and Toddlers

Area Kids

This shop stocks local designers such as Egg & Avocado and Appaman, but another attraction for kids are the creative toys imported from France and Germany. It is located conveniently at 99th Seventh Avenue in Brooklyn. For more details go to


This dream everything-in-one stop located at 352 Amsterdam Avenue New York for babies and toddlers has a stroller parking area, changing tables inside the store, product demonstrations and organic cotton toys. All the clothing, furniture and equipment is designed keeping in mind new parent’s concerns such as space saving ability, ease of washing and durability. Browse through the adorable babies stuff online at

Pottery Barn Kids

This store stocks home-furnishings exclusively for tykes with so many options for nursery furniture and fittings as well as blankets, playroom accessories and toys. The store is located at 1311 Second Avenue and is a must visit. Check out all the baby products online at

Pink Olive

The store is filled with a range of products from Barneys giving parents of babies and toddlers a range of chic clothes and accessories. Some cute accessories include Liberty of London hair bows available for only $16; bear-claw booties for $52 and onesies for $32.

Mini Jake

You can get ultra-modern designs of latest bags, strollers and cribs at 178 North 9th Street in Brooklyn. Available brands include Ouef, Argington and Bloom. Parents can also find helpful stuff for playtime and gifts for friends’ babies and toddlers. Shop online at

Torly Kid

Located at 51 Hudson Street in New York, this store is a one stop shop for tots and tweens which stocks best-selling lines which include Toody Doo, Lunchbos and Appaman for small and big kids. A nice addition is an extensive collection of party favors. Check out their collections at


Housing brands like Bonpoint Bonbon and Simple Kids, parents can choose from an array of racks for their babies and toddlers. This store is located at 125 Greene Street in New York. Visit their website for options

Babesta Threads

This cozy 450 square foot store has Junk food t-shirts, Uglydolls, easy bean chairs and vintage wear for all the special kids who want clothes from here. You can specifically buy play mats and teethers and pull-along toys for your babies and toddlers.

This special store is located at 66 West Broadway between Murray and Warren Streets. While more popularly known for children under 6 yeares of age, it has recently began to stock brands such as Cattauis and Chaos Recyled which cater to older kids. The beautiful stocks here will sure make all adults envious! Visit for details.

Buy Buy Baby

You can choose from a huge variety of pacifiers, bibs and washcloths as well as diaper bags and bedding. Other necessary items for parents with babies and toddlers available here include strollers (ranging from affordable to more expensive models) and complete nursery set-ups with cribs and bedsheets. Go to 270 Seventh Avenue or visit the website

Sweet William

The owner, a children’s fashion editor turned entrepreneur Bronagh Staley is an enthusiast who picks all the stocks herself. She stocks kids clothing, accessories and toys for newborns to kids who are 8 years old. Her favorite brands include April Showers and Wovenplay. Her store is located at 324 Wythe Avenue and is designed with reclaimed wood work that is both sophisticated for adults and attractive for kids. To browse through all her available products go to

Lulu’s Then and Now

This store at 187, 4th Avenue, Park Slope in Brooklyn is an eco-friendly place which offers slightly used clothing, secondhand baby accessories, toys and books. You can bring your little ones to explore the Play Space that is equipped with a library and toys which is open from 10 am to 10 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm every day and costs only $12 for each session. To see their products go to

Z’Baby Company

This shop was created to cater to a child’s personal lifestyle by its founder, Sharone Glaser who stocks clothes for all children starting from infants to preteen exclusively from her own fashion line. The store is located at 100 W 72nd Street in New York and is quite popular amongst those with both boys and girls. Visit the website for details

Tiny You

This boutique, located in Long Island stocks local designers with colorful prints that will make your toddlers the life of the party! This shop is located at 10-50 Jackson Avenue in Queens. Go to their website for more details:

Babies R’ Us

This chain of baby stores stocks everything you could ever need for your baby: you can choose from the humungous collections of products to feed, bathe, clothe and entertain your little bundle of joy. Products range from the basic and affordable brands to the more luxurious and expensive products from Bugaboo and Timi & Leslie. The store at 24-30 Union Square East has just about everything you and your baby need. Alternatively visit the website for online browsing and shopping at

Little O Clothing

Little O Clothing lines are 100% hand-sewn in the garment district of New York. The brand focuses on detail oriented heirloom pieces which are high quality and exclusive to this shop only. The clothes are designed to last through periods of toddlers and children’s growth so you don’t have to regularly replace these outfits.

Little O Clothing is exclusive, well made, easy-to-wear and offered at approachable prices. In an effort to produce ethically and sustainably, the fabric is comprised of organic material and the dyes are derived from natural pigments. Shop online at

Clothing for your Little Princess

Pink Chicken

The creator Stacy Fraser houses a dreamland of beautiful dresses for young girls located at 1223 Madison Avenue in New York. There are so many options for girls ranging from cute casual wear to flouncy party wear are incredibly hard to resist. To check out the beautiful stock go to

Les Petits Chapelais

Pint sized clothing at this store is so adorable! The stock ranges from shoes, pants and shirts that capture the French spirit. The store is at 86 Thompson Street in New York. Check out the clothes on Facebook at


Infinity has been a popular store for girls’ clothing for adolescent teens and young ladies. The store at 1116 Madison Avenue is as fashionable as the clothes is stocks! It houses its own brand called Hollyworld and probably has the best customer service amongst all the stores on the Upper East Side. If they don’t have what you want, you can even order custom made clothing for yourself! Visit the store if you want to get yourself, your daughter or friend high end fashionable outfits at reasonable prices or visit the website

Little Miss Matched

A great store for young girls and tweens is Little Miss Matched at 107 E 42nd Street, Grand Central Station on Lexington Passage. As you enter you are greeted with the bright and colorful array of girly accessories, socks, stockings, dresses and other clothing. Customer reviews rate the service as friendly and helpful. Visit their website at

All Dressed Up

This store is located at 17 Rye Ridge Plaza, Westchester, NY and is a haven for girl’s party dresses. You can also find dresses for formal and special occasions such as proms and weddings at this store. See the website at

Shop for the Little Boys

Denny’s Childrenswear

With many locations in New York, this store provides clothing for boys of all ages. If you want to get formal attire for special occasions for your son, nephew or other boys this is the place for you. Denny’s also has an online store at

Sir Lance’s Lot

Located at 6277 Woodhaven Boulevard in Rego Park, NY, this store offers special outfits for boys ranging three piece suits and even costumes for parties. Go to the website

Jacardi Paris

This is a popular brand for chic, smart and sophisticated clothing for all kids. Customer reviews specifically point to satisfaction with the store’s high quality boys’ clothing. It has several stores all over New York and also stocks its clothing at Barney’s. Visit the website to peruse through the collections for boys at

Top Unisex stores for children’s clothing in New York


This chic children’s boutique is located at 1480 First Avenue; one street away from the original TaROO on the Upper Street Side and stocks clothing for girls and boys from ages 14 to 16 years. You can mix and match trendy brands such as Mudpie, Lemon and Charlie Rocket which start at just $8.

Free events are also regularly organized which invite customers to participate in glitter-tattoo parties and karaoke events during the week.

For more details visit their website:

Two Kids and a Dog

There are so many varieties of kids clothing, toys, shoes and accessories as well as birthday gifts for presents. It is located at 61 Pearl St in New York. The Brooklyn based owners, Natalia and Kip also provide a lot of repping gear for toddlers such as onesies and t-shirts for toddlers. They stock popular brands such as Joah Love and Chaser that are so loved by kids!

For more options and information go to

Bit’z Kids

If you want Japanese clothing, shoes and toys this is definitely the place to go! Your kids can romp around in the play area equipped with both diaper-changing and breastfeeding room. The main store is located at 410 Columbus Avenue. It stocks brands such as the NYC collection and Indigo. Check out their website for more information:


This line is from J.Crew especially developed for kids who can opt for the collegiate look of blazers, cardigans and chinos for boys as well as different types of skirts for girls. Their flagship store is located at 1190 Madison Avenue, New York. Go on their website for browsing through their collection.

My Little Sunshine

This one stop shop at 177 Ninth Avenue in New York stocks high end brands such as Blu Pony Vintage and Tane Organics as well as a selections of toys, books and a creative haircut station for kids. Check out their stock on


This high end store sells international brands like Emile et Idea and Leoca Paris. It also stocks children’s furniture and bedding and provides design consulting for kid’s rooms. It is located at 605 Hudson Street in New York. Visit their website:

Little Marc Jacobs

This is truly a miniature version of the Marc Jacobs brand; ready to wear collections for boys and girls feature skirts and cool leather jackets. Go to the store at 298 W 4th Street in New York for your little ones or visit the website:

Egg by Susan Lazar

If you are environmentally conscious and prefer organic materials for yourself and your kids, go to 72 Jay Street in Brooklyn for simple colors, fabrics and prints. Or visit their website to see the collections:

Junior Lowe

The online tagline says that the collection is for little Brooklyn hipsters’ which offers plaid shirts for small boys. Situated at 89 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn you can browse through several options for your fashion conscious boys. See more at

Level 2

Looking for hip styles for your young ones? Go to 456 Bergen Street in Broklyn. This is the place to shop! You can find patterned dresses from Miss Behave, bright t-shirts designed by Stella Blu and denim clothes by Tractr. Also see the funky accessories like the wallets and sunglasses for your kids.


Looking for French très chic clothing for your children? Go to Bonpoint for apparel shopping for toddlers and tweens at its many outlets; the main store is located at 1269 Madison Avenue and another one in Soho. Go online at for more details.

Magic Windows

For over 32 years, this Upper East Side store located at 1186 Madison Avenue has been dressing New York kids for parties and special occasions. Their stocks include different colored frocks for girls and smart collars for boys. Check out their website

Lucy & Leo

With organic material, the soft and stretchable clothing for kids has made this environmentally and health conscious brand very popular amongst both parents and kids! The garments are all locally manufactured and the store also offers mother and baby skincare products as well as toys and accessories all made from organic sources. Lucy and Leo stocks in the New York store of Wild was Mama which is located at 272 Driggs Avenue in Brooklyn. For more detail of their clothing and other products, go to

Half Pint Citizens

The store location is as hip as it sounds: it is situated at 55 Washington Street in DUMBO, Brooklyn. This store stocks an amazing specialty of unique and fashionable clothes. Customers rate the dresses for girls as especially beautiful. Check out the hippest clothes for kids on their website at

Boutique for Children

For the style conscious parents and children, this store at 71-21 Austin Street in Forest Hills, NY is the place to go for shopping! It stocks a wide variety of high quality trendy clothing with excellent customer service. The brands include designers such as Armani, Diesel and Burberry. You can definitely choose your kids outfits for special occasions from this stylish store. Visit


Lester’s has five locations in New York (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westchester and Long Island) and is the ultimate go-to shop for children’s fashion. It houses designer brands and latest fashions for kids. See their clothing at

Neils Corner Spot

This store, located at 1063 Wills Avenue, Albertson, NY has every kids’ outfits for every occasion and season. You can even buy swimwear, camp wear and casual clothing here. Check out the website at

Smoochie Baby

This store located at 110 Berry Street between North 7th and North 8th Streets houses brands such as Appaman, Egg, Cupcakes and Pastries, Native Kids and Salt Water foot wear. In addition to clothes, it also stocks accessories for toddlers. Visit for more info.

Kidding Around

Located at 60 West 15th Street near Sixth Avenue NY, this shop is a heaven for toys and funky costumes for kids. The toy collection is especially attractive for kids. Visit the website at

L.O.L. Kids

This boutique, located at 22 West 21st Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues carries European brands for kids up to 16 years of age, especially in pink and lace for girls. Go to

Get Fashionable Shoes for your Kids!


This shoe store caters to fitting the growing feet of kids through its line Falcotto which is especially made for toddlers who are learning to walk and for older kids inspired by latest footwear trends for adults. The store is located at 1184 Madison Avenue and the collections can be viewed online at

Space Kiddets

This store offers funky shoes, shirts and toys for toddlers as well as bigger kids. It is located at 26 E 22nd Street in New York. Visit the website for more information:

Tip Top Shoes

This adult shoe store has a kids-only location at 155 W 72nd Street NY and has an extensive collection for little ones ranging from sandals to moccasins. Check out their stocks at

Soula Shoes

This shoe store located at 85 North 3rd Street in Brooklyn stocks a versatile collection of cool converse, Timberlands and Hunters for play time. See the website at

Ibiza Kidz

You can find standard kids foot wear at this store at 830 Broadway in New York like Crocs and Keds and shop for dressier and formal footwear including ballet flats and dainty sandals. See their products at

Kid’s Foot Locker

You can get running shoes, sneakers and may more options from brands ranging from Nike, Adidas, Puma and New Balance. You can visit the store at 5314 Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn or shop online at

6. Village Kids Footwear

You can choose comfortable shoes for your kids that range from brands such as Clark and Pediped for toddlers and kids up to shoe size 7. Go to the store at 117 First Avenue in New York or visit the website at

7. Harry’s Shoes for Kids

Located at 2315 Broadway, NY this store provides individual customer service helping parents to measure and evaluate the fit of shoes for kids. It stocks popular brands such as Merrell, Stride Rite and Ugg and offers shoes for all types of weather and purposes. Browse through the collections online at

8. Stride Rite

Renowned for the fit and durability of kids’ shoes, this chain is a one-stop shop for socks, tights and other accessories. It stocks brands like Sperry and Saucony as well as specific shoes for school. Themed shoes from popular kids’ television shows and animated movies such as Sesame Street, Frozen and Disney Princesses are also available. To check out their products online go to

9. Runnin’ Wild Kids Shoes

This Brooklyn shop offers the newest styles and brands of shoes imaginable! The stocks include brands such as Skechers, Geox, Superga and Puma. The staff is extremely professional and friendly and will help you choose the right shoe style and fit for your child. The store is located at 276 Court Street in Brooklyn. You can visit the website at

10. DSW

This store, with many locations across New York, has a huge variety of kids and adult shoes. DSW has shoes for every occasion: formal shoes for kids, sneakers, sandals and so many other styles, ranging between $25 and $60. You can visit the DSW designer shoe warehouse at 79th and Broadway or shop online at

11. Macy’s Herald Square

This store has a huge section of shoes for kids for every day wear and special occasions. Visit the store with the most amazing selection at 151 W 34th Street NY or visit the website at

12. Popular Retail Outlets for Children of All Ages:

You can also opt for the well-known brands such as Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and H&M which stock clothes for all ages of kids.

13. Nordstorm

This popular store houses hundreds of brands for kids ranging from the high end like Burberry to other more affordable labels. You can easily browse through the collections online in the comfort of your home at

14. H&M

This brand is popular for both its affordability and practicality. It stocks clothes for practically all ages, from newborns to 14 year olds and of course adults. Dresses for girls can be as low as $4.99 during special deals and sale periods which is a godsend for anyone with children. There are many stores in New York that you can visit or see

15. Macy’s

This is a one-stop shop for adults and kids featuring every product of clothing conceivable: shoes, toys, dresses, t-shirts you name it and you can find it at Macy’s. Again, there are several retail stores and the option of shopping online at

16. Bloomingdale’s

This retail store operating throughout the US and New York offers a wide variety of clothing for kids. Collections are sold for each season, style and occasion which makes it much easier for parents. Visit a retail outlet or shop online at

17. Target

This chain also offers pretty delicate dresses for girls and rough and tumble t-shirts and shorts for boys at affordable prices. You can visit a store or go check out the girls collection online at

18. Gymboree

With multiple stores all over New York and the country, this high end kids clothing brand offers apparel and accessories for children at its original outlets and stocks in other stores such as Janie and Jack and Crazy 8. Customers are happy with the high quality and unique clothing, especially for kids aged 12 and under. And you can take advantage of the sales and amazing deals for members. They also arrange special activities for parents and children like painting and dancing. Go to

19. Barney’s New York

Another popular retailer is Barney’s New York which has a seemingly unlimited stock of kids clothing, accessories and toys and gifts for all children. Their most popular store in New York is located at 660 Madison Avenue on the Upper East Side. Visit the store or go to their website to browse through at

20. Brooklyn Industries

This adult clothing chain also stocks a fashionable collection of kids wear. You can shop for hip and trendy t-shirts, sweatshirts and onesies at the North Williamsburg store or the Southberg Outlet. Check out the website at

Secondhand Clothing Stores for Kids in New York

Parents are always in search of good bargains for their growing kids and most do not want to dole too much money for clothing that their child will outgrow in the next season. Going to consignment stores and thrift shops is a good alternative to expensive kids clothing. The fun part about going to these stores is that you will find such gems that are not available in big chain stores and your child will stand out from the crowd. Often these stores also stock children’s gear, such as toys, books and bed rails that you can pass from your eldest child to the youngest one.

Here are a few viable secondhand store options that you can visit in New York City:


Located in Greenwich Village at 39 Washington Square South, this is the consignment store that stocks literally every kind of clothing for kids and expectant mothers. Two local mothers, Cara Walla and Myrle opened this shop because there was no consignment clothing available in the area.

You can browse through the wide variety of stock that is available for extremely reasonable prices. In addition, you can also drop your kids used clothing and earn 40% of the sale price.

Flying Squirrel

This spacious boutique located at 87 Oak Street in Greenpoint provides a huge selection of kids clothing, toys and furniture for babies as well as expecting mothers. There is also a playroom for kids while their parents browse the collections. Events are also organized for special occasions such as Halloween. You can donate used clothes here too.

Once Upon a Child

Located in Staten Island on 2305 Richmond Avenue near Shiloh Street this store is one of a country wide chain of second hand outlets which sells and buys children’s clothing, toys, furniture and shoes. You can bring in gently used items and be paid 30 to 50% of the resale price on the spot.

Jane’s Exchange

Designed specifically for those on a tight budget or don’t want to spend too much on kids clothes, Jane’s Exchange at 191 E 3rd Street New York is a must visit. The used clothes are in good condition for both kids and expecting mothers. See

With the wide variety of retail and shops in NYC, you will have no difficulty in shopping for cool and hip closeout and liquidation deals. Just remember, that although these businesses are not wholesale suppliers, they are eager to sell out their shelf pulls and remainders. It is up to you to contact them and make them a below wholesale offer for their inventory.