How To Buy And Sell On

$0.00 is a buying and selling platform that allows you to acquire surplus assets in bulk. You can buy new, refurbished, shelf pulls, salvage, used on return merchandise on the site in bulk. From clothing, jewelry, computers, electronics, machinery, store fixtures, to house ware tools and general merchandise there is a wide selection of products to choose from. offers excellent services including shipment tracking, detailed reporting, customer support, employment of FOB destination shipping methods to minimize liability and logistics management enabling you to buy or sell hassle free.

Process of Buying From

· The first step is to register as a buyer a process that is free and easy. Also in case of any difficulty in the registration or verification you can email at or call 1-800-498-1909.

· The second step is to find merchandise by browsing the auctions that are available on the site. To make your search easier, you can do a basic keyword search or perform an advanced search for more options.

· The third step is to bid by going to the Place Bid option and entering your maximum bid and providing a varied credit card as well as shipping address.

· The fourth step is to pay for auction. The site accepts, PayPal, Wire Transfer and Credit Card. If the payment is above $5,000 must be done through wire transfer.

· Your assets will be shipped in a short period of just business days. To manage your account you can click on My Account section to add auctions, view your transactions or alter your profile.

· You can find items on the Hot Auctions section that is on the home page and proceed to click a category to perform a broad search. To narrow down your options use the filtered option located on the left side. You can also use the advanced utility option for a more detailed criterion with details such as seller, price, condition, auction ID, retail price and shipping terms among others.

How to Sell on

· You can list your items free of charge as you are only required to pay when the items sell. Moreover, sellers on our platform have an added advantage as items can be seen by over 700,000 people each month. The site has over 3 million registered buyers who can see your products. Our professionals have highly advanced marketing strategies that will make your products visible.

· As a seller you will just have to create a seller account by completing the member registration application.

· The second step is to list your inventory, post products and give merchandising details including description of the products, picture, price, quantity and packaging among others.

· Proceed to create an asset sales plan whereby our sales executive will help you come up with a sales plan that is personalized to your listing. A person is then required to sign an Asset Sales Agreement document

· You can relax as then manages your shipping and all our auctions are 100% insured. Furthermore, buyers are required to pay for taxes and duties in case of international shipment.

· After the sale of processed you can then receive payment.

Make an informed decision to visit and increase the productivity of your business by making your products visible to the world.

I have bought and sold wholesale merchandise through their website for my business, While there is potential to buy and sell merchandise at good prices, it is an auction format sales channel, so the final price will be set directly by the marketplace.