How To Buy A Truckload Of Merchandise


Are you looking to buy a truckload of merchandise?

Before bidding on, or purchasing a truckload of merchandise, you will want to ensure that you know the shipping cost, since the shipping can be unexpectedly high depending on the weight of the merchandise, and the distance between the FOB of the truckload, and your warehouse or store. You will also want to ensure that you have the appropriate space, since you will need to space to both store and sort the merchandise that you will be receiving. From my experience, a truckload usually contains 24 pallets, although the quantity of pallets, assuming the merchandise is packed on pallets, can vary. There are also truckloads that solely contain boxes, and don't use pallets, so you can have even more merchandise in the container.

You should also factor in the long term costs of storing the merchandise, since your timeframe to sell all of the merchandise might be longer than you initial expect. If the truckload consists of store returns, will you be selling the items as is, or will you be repairing or refurbishing the damaged items? Lastly, before buying a truckload, make sure that you have a well thought out plan for reselling all of the products that you will be buying. 

Buying a truckload of Walmart general merchandise is very different than purchasing a truckload of Best Buy electronics, so you really need to be familiar with the type of merchandise that you can expect to receive. I would suggest visiting the respective retailers' stores, or websites, to see the type of merchandise that they carry in their stores, this way you will have a general idea of the type of merchandise that you can expect to receive.

You can find truckloads of merchandise from retailers such as Amazon, Macy's, Kohl's, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Lowes, Rite Aid, Home Depot, and many more retailers.

If possible, focus on manifested truckloads, this way you will know exactly what you are purchasing. Unmanifested loads can also be great lots, provided that you are paying less than you would for a manifested load, and you are very familiar with the kind of products that are likely to be included.

Many exporters purchase truckloads in the United States for sale to countries such as Mexico, Nigeria, Haiti, and elsewhere, and it goes without saying that each country will have its own product demands and price requirements. If you are shipping your container by sea, you might want to contact freight forwarders such as Schenker, Tropical Shipping, Corporate Messengers, Laparkan, Trans Atlantic Line, KG and Dons Shipping, and Maersk. 

Truckloads can also be idea for discount store chains, flea market setups, and closeout warehouses. 

You can also act as a closeout broker, which means that you can locate and find buyers for the truckloads, this way you can potentially make money without having to take possession of the merchandise.

Below is a list of wholesale sources for wholesale truckloads: