How to Build Relationships With Perfume Oil Wholesale Distributors


If you're a perfume business owner, then you probably know how valuable partnerships with wholesalers are. Not only can wholesalers offer you an excellent profit margin, they can also provide you with perfume to lease for customers. After all, building relationships is the key to the survival of any business. But how can you build relationships with wholesalers? Read on for some tips. We've all heard the phrase "partnership is a must!"


Aside from the lucrative profit potential of selling perfume oil, Nigeria is home to a multitude of side hustles. A capitalist economy gives a plethora of business ideas, and perfume sales are a leading example. Whether you choose to sell the smaller bottles of perfume at a discount price or purchase them at wholesale prices, there is a market for it in Nigeria. Here, people are cashing in on the perfume industry by purchasing the oils wholesale and reselling them in smaller bottles.

If you're a beginner, it's best to buy your supplies from those who are more experienced in mixing fragrances. This is not an easy task; therefore, you may wish to invest in a training class that teaches you how to mix your own fragrances. Once you're familiar with the basics of making and marketing perfumes, you'll be well on your way to creating your own unique products.

One such wholesale distributor of perfume oil is Uzongozi Adefisayo, a lawyer from Delta State. This entrepreneur has made a mark on the lives of over 150 individuals in the perfume oil industry. Like many others, he began by smelling good for less and then discovered perfume oil. He began applying it to himself before deciding to make it into a business. Now, he sells undiluted perfume oil from Surrati and a variety of quality brands, at affordable prices.

The cost of starting a business in Nigeria is relatively low, with the typical cost of a 3ml bottle being as little as N400. With the average profit of N400 per bottle, it's easy to see why it's a profitable business for many entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Buying from a distributor offers the best price. This means you can afford to start a business, even if it's small.

Arabian oil

Looking for Arabian oil perfume oil wholesale distributors? Then you have come to the right place. Arabian oil perfume oil wholesalers can provide you with high-quality fragrance oils at competitive prices. The wholesale rate of a 3ml bottle of this oil is around N400. If you would like to order some for your own business, you can simply submit the details of the product in the form provided below. A representative from the company will contact you shortly.

A greater chunk of high-quality oils can be found in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai perfume oil is particularly popular, and you can find several suppliers in that city. Nigerian perfume oil is growing in popularity as well, and there are distributors in Lagos, Abuja, Porthacourt, Onitsha, and other cities. You can buy undiluted perfume oil from these distributors and benefit from high-quality brands like Surrati.