How to Become a Merchandiser


If you have a knack for the retail industry, becoming a merchandiser may be just what you're looking for. The role is diverse, so it's essential to learn about the job's requirements and expectations. You can start your career as a general merchandiser by finding entry-level retail positions. These jobs will give you hands-on retail experience and allow you to interact with other professionals from the industry.

Skills required

A merchandiser is responsible for promoting a particular product, forecasting future demand and reporting to supervisors. They also create and deliver advertising campaigns. As such, merchandisers need a variety of skills in order to be effective. Here are some essential skills you need to become successful:

Good customer service skills are a must, as this job entails dealing with customers in a friendly and efficient manner. Customer service skills will help you solve customer problems quickly and efficiently, which is critical for repeat business and referrals. Additionally, merchandising positions often require strong communication skills, including written and verbal. In addition to having excellent communication skills, merchandisers also need to be well-versed in math.

Graduates in any field can apply for this role. However, to be considered for this position, you must have at least a good first degree. A good first degree is required for most of these roles, although some institutions offer admissions for individuals with only a two-year degree. An MA in fashion buying and merchandising management, for instance, will teach you how to develop strategic plans for promoting high-quality garments. Typical course modules include product, organisation, planning, purchasing, and professional practice. Tuition fees will be around PS8,500, and you may be eligible for a postgraduate loan to pay for your course.

In addition to knowledge of product categories, a merchandiser must have a strong eye for business. They must be able to predict consumer demand and understand the complexities of the industry. Merchandisers are usually highly analytical and must know the latest trends in order to make informed decisions on the right product placement. Merchandisers work closely with buyers, Sales Representatives, and other professionals to ensure that the merchandise is properly displayed in the store.

Education requirements

Merchandisers can obtain a degree in business or supply chain management. The average salary for a merchandiser in India is INR 3,53,784 LPA. With experience, you can expect a decent hike. Government jobs are open for merchandisers. These jobs enjoy high job security and good salaries. A person with an associate degree can also apply for this position. In India, most employers prefer those with a degree in marketing.

There is no specific degree requirement for becoming a merchandiser, but a Bachelor's degree in a related field is advantageous. Relevant majors include marketing, business, or finance. In some cases, postgraduate training programs are offered by various companies to provide new merchandisers with the necessary skills to succeed. However, post-secondary education may not always be required. Some employers prefer candidates with a high school diploma or GED.

The education requirements for a merchandiser role depend on the type of job one wants to do. Candidates with a marketing degree are highly influential with recruiters. But candidates with certificate courses may add value to their career. In addition, a candidate should decide what category sector to choose and which type of merchandiser they want to work in. Then, he or she can begin the application process. This process is often time-consuming and stressful.

There are many online courses for becoming a merchandiser. Most of these courses can be obtained by earning a 3-6 LPA in a retail environment. In addition to online courses, many private colleges also offer merchandising courses. Courses offered by NIFT Delhi, Pearl Academy New Delhi, and JD Institute of Fashion Technology Delhi are among the top choices. Alternatively, those with an undergraduate degree in fashion can opt for a certificate course in merchandising.

Visual merchandisers work closely with marketing and sales people. Their skills may include working with store managers and other employees. As such, problem-solving skills are an essential skill. Another skill for a visual merchandiser is computer skills. Visual merchandisers use computers to research products and gather information about their competitors. Besides using the computer to design and prepare marketing materials, they also use it to perform research and manage stock levels. Therefore, a computer is essential for the job.

Job description

A job description of a merchandiser may include a variety of other duties. These duties often involve calculating the consumption of different kinds of apparel and estimating their cost. The merchandiser may also be asked to participate in various marketing activities and negotiate the selling price with customers. Merchandising positions often require a high level of commercial awareness. Listed below are just a few of the most common duties. Job description of merchandiser:

As a part of the management team, a merchandiser will be responsible for maximizing profits and revenue by ensuring that stores are in sync with consumer ideologies and create narratives that encourage purchases. Merchandisers have a critical role in dictating monthly sales and ensuring that products are always available. Job description of merchandiser differs in terms of educational requirements and experience, but in general, a merchandiser must have at least 5 years of merchandising experience to qualify for a senior role.

In a retail setting, a merchandiser performs routine audits of the store's inventory to ensure that items are being kept in proper condition. They also conduct regular product and store layout reviews. They also oversee the execution of promotions and other measures to increase sales. A merchandiser must have strong decision-making skills and excellent communication skills in order to succeed. The job description of a merchandiser varies by organization, but most of the essential duties are the same.

A job description of a merchandiser should include all the key requirements and responsibilities of the position. These duties include planning product ranges, maintaining inventory levels, and managing displays and promotions. A merchandiser will also manage inventory levels and displays, which includes submitting warehouse inventory reports, clearing out unwanted products from displays, and monitoring sales performance. Finally, a merchandiser may be responsible for overseeing the sale of the store. This job role involves a high level of organization and a good command of computer programs.

Career growth opportunities are abundant in this position. After completing your undergraduate degree, you can pursue a career as an Allocator, Merchandiser Assistant, Senior Allocator, Merchandising Manager, or even a Merchandiser Director. Your career development depends on your skills and performance. Usually, you can expect to earn around PS15,000 as an assistant merchandiser, with a very fast upward mobility.


The Salary of a Merchandiser varies depending on the employer, education, and years of experience. Starting salaries for merchandisers are usually between $20,000 and $45,000. Experienced merchandisers can expect to earn over $65,000 per year. Many stores offer full benefits, including health and dental insurance, paid time off, and vacation. A senior merchandiser can expect to make as much as PS85,000 per year, and a head merchandiser can make more than PS100,000.

A typical merchandising position involves restocking shelves, rotating inventory, and setting up displays with a specific product brand. These positions may also be responsible for organizing the backroom and supporting sales consultants in their merchandising activities. A merchandiser's salary varies widely, depending on their education and experience. However, in the United States, the average salary of a merchandiser is around $44,000 a year. This salary can vary depending on the number of years of experience and geographic location.

Merchandisers are responsible for the life cycle of a product, from development to sale. Their job responsibilities often extend beyond just determining the price of a product, but may also include planning its appearance, setting up displays, and creating promotional signage. While some large companies have their own merchandising departments, others outsource this function to third-party companies. When working with these companies, third-party merchandisers must set up displays in retail stores and make reports to store managers. Since merchandisers are required to travel to stores, they are compensated for their mileage.

There are many requirements for merchandising jobs, including excellent decision-making and analytical skills. Additionally, merchandisers need to be good communicators and have a keen eye for store fronts. The job of a merchandiser requires a person with excellent communication skills and the ability to manage a large team. An understanding of supply and demand is a necessary element for success in this field. The Salary of a merchandiser in India can range from Rs 1.2 lakhs to over $67,000.

Merchandisers can make between $25,000 and $73,000 per year. Salary averages for this occupation depend on several factors, including the company and years of experience. However, experience and location are also factors that influence salary. Additionally, the more years you have worked as a merchandiser, the higher your salary will be. The salary of a merchandiser in New York, NY varies from other places. And there are many other important factors to consider.