How Retailers Can Stay Profitable During The Coronavirus Closures


Retailers need to stay profitable, coronavirus closures, or not.

Although it's easier said than done, it is possible for a retailer to adjust her business model so that she can still make money during these times. 

Below are tips that retailers can use to sell merchandise, even when they can't allow customers inside their stores.

Tip #1 Offer curbside pickup of your products. 

Customers can call or email you with the orders. 

You can set up a time when they can pick up the order.

Tip#2 Use Zoom to create video conferencing events. 

You can use these events to showcase your merchandise to your customers. During the event, you can share payment options and product links.

Tip #3 List on eBay your store's products.

You can set up buy it now or auction listings. 

Tip #4 Set up an Amazon FBA account.

Start selling your products on Amazon by taking part in the fulfillment by Amazon program. 

Tip#5 Offer local delivery. 

Your customers can pay you by PayPal, CashApp, Zelle, or with another payment service. Once you receive the payment you can drop off your customer's purchases outside their front door.