How International Retailers Can Save On Business Airline Tickets


Every retailer who travels on business wants to slash their travel costs on their airline tickets to help reduce financial stress and improve overall business efficiency, especially if they are traveling internationally. For many retailers, especially those who travel from other countries to the United States to do their wholesale shopping, the expense of travel on business is just too much. Many boutique owners from Africa and the Caribbean will travel to the United States, China, Dubai, and Turkey for their wholesale shopping, while many store owners and wholesalers from the USA will travel to China and Bangladesh for their wholesale buying. For these internationally travelling retailers there are various ways to reduce the cost of business airline tickets.

Some of these ways are:

It goes without saying, that if you are a retailer who is looking to travel to the New York Fashion District, you might want to purchase a ticket during the winter season, since the price of the tickets can be lower since most retailers will travel to the United States during the warmer months.

Get the best airfare deals for your travels. There are several travel search engines that offer detailed information on airfare discounts and special airfare offers. You can get very specific information on what flights are available to you from one site. You can then sort through the results to find the best airfare deals for your travels. You can also sign up for a newsletter that keeps you informed about when there are deals on airfare to your desired destination. This can help you find a better deal for your travels.

Look out for corporate airfare discounts. Many major corporations offer significant discounts on airfare to their destinations. If you work for a company that travels a lot to different cities, consider taking the company to the same city as you are traveling to. If you can fly to the city first, save money by buying your tickets in advance and then waiting until close to your departure time to book your tickets.

Consider business class seating options. Business class seats at many major airlines are more comfortable than regular seats. These seats usually offer larger seats, wider seats, more leg room, bigger recliners and more opportunities to stretch out. If you are a business traveler, this is a definite must.

Avoid last minute travel. Try to avoid the holiday season and the summer months when it gets really busy. If you need to travel during these times, find out how to get cheap flights to second tier wholesale business destinations such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale or Orlando. You may be surprised how many airlines can offer very low prices on flights that connect with these key areas.

Look into business class seats that allow you to upgrade. You may have to pay more for upgraded tickets, but if you can get them, this can help you save a substantial amount of money on the cost of your tickets. Be sure to check the upgrades from business to first class available with your airline. There are sometimes separate upgrades from economy to business, but you will likely have to pay the extra money to get into business class.

Consider starting the day early. If you travel during the business hours, you will find that the competition for seats will be far greater than it would be later in the day. If you can get your flight out of the way early in the morning, you will be able to secure your seat much faster and you may be able to get first choice seats.

Know where to go when you travel for business. The best place to go can be the business airport of your destination. Many times there are lounges and gift shops located in the business terminal. These can make great places to meet up with friends and business associates who also want to save on business airline tickets. Once you begin talking to people, you will start to see which airlines have the better deals on first and business class tickets, as well as on economy flights.

Avoid the last minute rush. Try not to plan your entire vacation or business trip for the day of a flight. The travel industry works on weekends and holidays. If you wait until a week or two before your flight, you will be waiting in line for hours, and you could miss your opportunity to get bargain tickets.

Make sure to take advantage of airline programs. You can often get discounts or special offers to get business or first class travel on specific routes. Check with your airline about their customer loyalty programs and award programs. You will often find free travel, frequent flyer miles, and other prizes that you can get in order to save money on your tickets.

Saving on business airline tickets is all about planning ahead. If you know where to look, you can often get your ticket deals at a very low price. Remember that flying is very expensive no matter where you are going. If you can plan your vacation or business trip around a particular airline, you can often get a great deal on your tickets. You might also consider developing a relationship with a travel agent who specializes in booking business flights for businesses people.

Below are a few websites that can help you purchase business class tickets at discount: