How An Ebay Credit Card Can Help Retailers


Have you ever heard of the eBay credit card? Have you actually stumbled upon it but have no idea what it is? Well this article will break down what the eBay credit card is, where can it be used, for what can it be used and much more about it.

The eBay credit card is a MasterCard which can be used for various purposes and in various places. It has a truly excellent rewards rate which is 2.5% and the best thing about it is that it doesn't have any annual fees.

The eBay credit card can be used to pay an online purchase from eBay. It can also be used to pay at a gas station, a restaurant or for some groceries. It can also be used for any other MasterCard purchases. This eBay credit card is perfect because it has different type of high reward points that can be used in various categories.

The more you use the credit card, the more reward points you receive. These reward points can be redeemed of course. If you want to redeem your reward points you can get cash, gift cards (such as iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Store and etc), travel cards or voucher in exchange.

In order for you receive an amount like let's say 50 dollars, you will need to have at least 6,000 reward points collected so you can make the exchange. That means that the reward points of the credit card value around 0.83 cents per point.

Despite these good characteristics there is one con that has to be mentioned as well. The cardholders can earn rewards from various places but there is an annual cap. The annual cap of the credit card is 50,000 points, which means that more cannot be redeemed per year. For example, The Amazon Rewards Card doesn't have such a cap but with that card you cannot purchase other than Amazon. The same thing cannot be said for the eBay card.

There are many other credit cards on the market. Some of them have the similar tactics to get more customers. The eBay credit card can do wonders if you are a fan of eBay and if you want to earn some extra money. If you like to purchase a lot from eBay then this card can definitely work in your favour. Not only it can lead to some discounts but it can also give you a lot of reward points as well.

The current offer that ends in the middle of August is that if you sign up for an eBay credit card and there is a very interesting offer. If you sign up before August 15 and spend over 200 dollars, then you can earn up to 50 dollars as a bonus. There are plenty of rewards as well. You can get 5x reward points for the rest of the year if you spend over 1,000 dollars. If that sounds exciting to you, then you should definitely try it out. It's not like you will lose something, especially if you are a fan of eBay.

Remember that you can use your Ebay credit card to purchase wholesale products from online stores and earn points and statement credits, essentially giving yourself a net savings on your wholesale purchases.